DO YOU CARE TOO MUCH? A note to the sensitive souls in 2016...

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My Dear Community,

I'm urged to write this blog post today to specifically speak to the very sensitive souls amongst us. The ones who find it hard to shrug off the pain and suffering that humans inflict upon one another another and the planet, particularly in 2016. Over the past four days a huge energy portal has opened up on Earth. It's like the light of other worlds and dimensions is calling to its children, reminding them of who they are and that they are not alone. Have you felt it? Do you often feel like this is your first Earth trip or that you have been dropped off on this planet and left without a true family that you can relate to? If so, then read on, I'm speaking to you...

We talk a lot about the importance of having an open heart in consciousness teaching. In my experience many of the souls on Earth (born in the past 40 years or so) DO have very open hearts and that is both a bonus and a huge challenge for them. When your heart is the most powerful energy centre of your body, you see every living being as equal. You cannot fathom how we can inflict pain on one another, animals or the planet. Yes?

You tend to feel every emotion and extension of negativity and suffering from the immediate environment around you. Then on top of that, you also tend to feel responsible for bringing this discordant energy all back into balance. This creates a great weight upon the shoulders of sensitive ones, who ideally are here to not endure conflict or aggression, but to give us role models of how to love unconditionally.

Unfortunately, because so many souls in human form have closed off their hearts, it makes it very difficult for open hearted-sensitive ones to be accepted by the mainstream. They are often called flighty, ungrounded, too emotional or weak which causes them to build a shield around their heart to protect themselves. This in turn cuts off their love from free-flowing, which damages them (and us) dearly.

As a sensitive soul in 2016, I urge you to use your DISCERNMENT. It is a human skill that will be necessary for you to master interacting with energy here on Earth...

Discernment is the ability to decipher what it is that you choose to be involved with, before you get involved with it

Understand? So when a situation arises that your heart goes out to, pause. Ask yourself, if you are willing to take on the responsibility that will ensue once you involve yourself?  CAREFULLY CONSIDER BEFORE YOU GET INVOLVED.

Knowing that you are a sensitive, I suggest that you look after yourself, as you are a precious commodity here on Earth. There are plenty of hard-nosed, tough human souls who are very capable of doing their own work. We need you to stay aligned with the source, to give us all an example of what we truly can be when we open our hearts and show the love. In 2016 we are asked to let go of what no longer serves us, every day.

It is your year to rise sensitive ones and show us the way...

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