My Dear Friends,

And so it has begun...This week we entered the first Mercury Retrograde for 2016 and already countless opportunities are presenting themselves to you. Perhaps you have heard horror stories about the Mercury Retrograde and are gearing up for a difficult experience ahead? Yet the next three weeks will present one of the most empowering periods of 2016. You will be uncovering just how efficient you are at putting yourself forward and extending your wings to fly...

Mercury gives us wings
More than any other planetary influence, Mercury imbues us with a sense forthrightness and a can do attitude. When Mercury is in retrograde we are forced to become thorough and detailed about how we communicate and present ourselves to the world.

If ever there was a period to put your best foot forward and vanish fear about your worthiness to receive, then this is it. Every day throughout January you will be feeling an inner push, like some great cosmic stage mum, pushing you to expand, speak up for yourself and extend your reach.

So make sure you are taking the leap and making the moves which you may normally shy away from. People will hear you more clearly now and most importantly pivotal conversations can be had that reveal our often repressed, yet healing truth...

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