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My Dear Community,

How are you, as we head into this weekend's Super Full Moon? Worldwide the energy is quite erratic, which is causing anxiety, illness and a variety of fears and unknown factors playing on the minds of millions worldwide. 2016 is a 'nine' universal year for the planet (2+0+1+6=9) where we are concluding and realising our dreams and desires first planted back in 2008.

Think back to 2008. Where were you? What and/or whom were you involved with and what were your dreams and plans for the future? So much has happened for each of us over the past nine years. Energetically we have seen a rise in global connections thanks hugely to the proliferation of social media. With this comes both positives and negatives. For as easily as we can spread messages of joy, we can also spread messages of hate.

That is why it is so important to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE going through the mass shift in consciousness that we have all been under in recent years, this year in particular. In 2016 we are personally maturing and being cosmically forced to be responsible for our thoughts and actions. Yes, some aspects of your life are leaving you in 2016. Know that what goes is no longer required for you to move ahead in your power. Habits that hold you back are being shown to you, probably right in your face and it may not be easy to see aspects of yourself that are waiting to say goodbye.

However, when we evolve (as the entire solar system is) we have new experiences and aspects of our nature waiting to burst forth for us to work with. That's what 2017 will be about. A 'one' universal year for the planet (2+0+1+7=10 and 1+0=1) , signaling new beginnings, as we clear the slate and lay our dreams and desires for the next energy decade.

So consider how important it is that together we do our personal best not to fight our old ways that are now being shown to us in no uncertain terms. YOU are going through a transition into a new and more evolved state of being. WE ALL ARE. WE ARE ALL IN THIS SHIFT TOGETHER. And whilst this flux occurs, it may seem that the world has gone crazier than you've ever imagined. However, it is like a birthing process for us. It can be painful whilst in labour and whilst you are in the midst of change, yet once the baby is born, a new day begins and we assimilate the pain that brought us to this point.

NOW MORE THAN EVER, we need to look after ourselves and know what and who we are. 

In October, November and December we will be experiencing three Super Full Moons. This is a trifecta of completing and letting go energy that sees us wrapping up 2016. A Super Moon occurs when the Moon is both full and at its closest approach to Earth all month. It doesn't happen that often, and when it happens three months in a row, we need to sit up and take notice of what the cosmos is offering us up!

These Super Moons will be bringing up any lingering personal issues that you are yet to let go of and/or understand in 2016. So we can expect some tension and emotional moments to arise. Each Super Full Moon will compound upon one another. With the December Super Moon being the most intense of the three, meaning it is when we will see our final releases for 2016. Yes, we will still be working through our past over the next three months. You'll want to do this now. so that you are raring to go when the new energy decade of 2017 begins. Deal with it now, rather than carrying your stuff forward into 2017...

Again you are not alone. WE ARE ALL going through this constant completion cycle over the final three months of 2016.

To help you over the final three months of this year, in COMPLETING THE LESSONS OF 2016, I am releasing a special Super Moon Guided Meditation on each Full Moon in October, November and December. The first of which (in October) will assist you to 'Release Your Fire Within'. This powerful meditation can help alleviate recent physical ailments, as well as bring any dormant toxicity to the surface of your being. So get ready for a surprising lift this weekend.

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