THE FINAL 3 MONTHS OF 2016: Why our bodies are changing...

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My Dear Community,

It's been a long and often arduous year of energy shifts. In 2016, we are wrapping up the last nine years of global change. Think back to 2008 and the preceding years and you will gain insight into the weight of issues we are completing and letting go of this year. For 2016 is a 'nine universal year' for the planet (2+0+1+6=9) and in a nine year we conclude what it is we began and have nurtured from 2008 until 2016.

Throughout 2016 we have been energetically maturing and shedding our old, out-worn habits, which are not required, as we move into a new energy decade for the planet, which begins in January 2017. This growth and ‘lightening up’ of our energy template and field, must eventually work its changes down to our physical body. For your physical body is a replica of your energy body and as your energy body morphs, so does your physical body. Our physical body is the last body to shift, after we have made an energy upgrade.

In 2016 our solar system has been through an acceleration of vibration, whilst Earth has been influenced by some rather intense planetary alignments. The Grand Cross of planets that first occurred in June 2016 (where Venus was a key player) has pushed us to value our innate worth, with this influence impacting us well into 2017. Think back over 2016 and you’ll notice that ‘valuing yourself and your needs’ has been a key theme.

Which brings us to the final weeks 2016, of a year that has asked us to surrender to our higher good. In October, November and December we are cosmically assisted to clear any lingering toxicity in our body with three Super Full Moons. A Super Full Moon occurs when the Moon is both full and at its closet approach to Earth all month. The Moon literally looks larger during a Super Moon and its intensity is amplified, compared to a normal Full Moon.

In the lead-up to these Super Moons over the final three months of 2016, we are feeling an internal pressure build-up. You may wish to wipe your slate clean and transmute behaviors and habits that soul urges you to dissolve and not bring forward into 2017. Likewise, your physical body will be feeling these effects, as you let go of old patterns from your physical cells. We can often be attached to our physical aches, pains or negative emotions and when they are challenged to shift or leave by our new and enlightened mindset, they can often put up a fight on the way out. Hence, we have been through many bouts of colds, flu, viruses and general malaise in 2016.

MY NEW GUIDE: THE MESSAGES OF YOUR BODY...Completing The Lessons of 2016
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