IMPORTANT GLOBAL MESSAGE: Solar Winds & Cosmic Shifts

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My Dear Community,

As I write this week's blog post, Earth is currently being bombarded in a solar stream which has caused the largest geo-magnetic storm of 2016. Even though we haven't experienced any large solar flares, there is a large coronal hole in the sun that is consistently spewing out solar radiation that is engulfing Earth's electro-magnetic field. This is sparking worldwide auroras and causing actual 'shifts' and changes in the shape of Earth's magnetic field.

Imagine that Earth's magnetic field is the same as the magnetic field you have around your body, which we call our 'aura'. Our body is an energetic replica of Earth. Just as Earth is a replica of larger outer planets and so on and so on. As above, So Below.

In my Blog last week I spoke about how our physical body is changing in response to the upgrades that our energetic body is going through. I mentioned that "In 2016 our solar system has been through an acceleration of vibration". The Sun's vibration literally moves consciousness in our solar system. When the Sun is extremely active (as it currently is) we on Earth are energetically stirred. Solar radiation does seep through our atmosphere and on the level of spirit (beyond the physical level) it has been scientifically proven that there are portals that connect the Sun and Earth. These lines of cosmic communication have us in direct link with the changes in consciousnesses that occurs on the Sun. 

We are made of stars. We are at one with the planets and the sooner we invite in the idea that we are direct communication with cosmic energy the sooner we will evolve as a planet. This is why I have made it my life's work to educate about cosmic consciousness, as we work with the cosmic and planetary flow to map out the course of our life path and purpose.

When our Earth's energy body shifts (the electro-magnetic field) so does ours. This then filters down to the actual physiccal Earth shifting (i.e we get increased Earth activity - another 6.1 quake in Italy today) to follow suit. Likewise and simultaneously, our electro-magnetic field also shifts, thus triggering changes that filter down to our physical body.

There's a REASON why your body is morphing in the final months of 2016. There's a reason why you look different to what you did only six months ago. In 2016 we are MATURING at rapid rate. We are accelerating and evolving and as this happens your body must change to meet your higher level of consciousness.

Most people are resisting this current up-shift and thus, we are seeing huge waves of self-created negativity rising on Earth. Yet others are allowing these cosmic upgrades to penetrate their body (without resistance) and hence, we are feeling various aches, pains and physical ailments in 2016. If you can ride out the physical changes and look after yourself through them, you will see an improved, resilient 'new human you' emerge in 2017.

This is why I have been talking so much about the shifts in our body and have written a special guide to help you understand how the changes in consciousness are affecting your physical body.

MY NEW GUIDE: THE MESSAGES OF YOUR BODY...Completing The Lessons of 2016
To assist us in understanding what parts of our body are likely to be affected by this wrapping up energy in the final weeks of 2016, I have released a BONUS WRITTEN SUPPLEMENT for all subscribers to The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast The Messages of Your Body gives my interpretations of why certain parts of our body are undergoing change, whilst also providing suggestions and solutions regarding what we can do to make our transition into 2017 easier.

PART 1 of this NEW Supplement to The Tip-Off, is now online for ALL TIP-OFF SUBSCRIBERS  and can be downloaded once you sign-in to your Tip-Off Forecast access page. Part 2 will be available on Monday October 31.

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