WHY WE'RE OUT OF THE SHADOW...and the masks are off!

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My Dear Community,

Have a think back to the period that began August 10, 2016. How much have you changed and morphed over the past eight weeks? What monumental shift has occurred in your life? Perhaps there has been more than one? Perhaps there has been at least one old worn-out habit that you have dropped and a physical challenge thrown into the mix?

If you are saying, "Yes" to any of the above, know that you are not alone. Back in early August The Mercury Retrograde Season began when we entered the pre-shadow phase. This was followed by three weeks of the actual Mercury Retrograde and we have now just come out of the post-shadow phase.

In short, we have been through eight weeks of complete communication overhaul. What we have to look forward to, is feeling as though all pretenses have melted away and the masks that came off during The actual Mercury Retrograde, can now stay off, once and for all...

As I've said in The current Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast... " Since August 10, we have been going over old ground in relation to all communication issues. You may have felt this influence restrictive on some levels. Yes? Yet the wonderful gift that the past eight weeks has given us is the one, which encourages us to be more precise, awake and aware in the moment ‘as we make decisions’.

How many important issues have you had to backtrack over and then discover that you missed the true meaning or point in the initial interaction? It’s by going back over old ground that we tend to have greater clarity and openness to what we may often skim over in the moment.

Over the next three months, practice being more thorough in all of your decision-making processes, thus ensuring a smooth Mercury Retrograde period when it next comes around in December. This may take you a little more time initially, but you’ll be glad you used your energy wisely. I feel you’ll actually be fresher and more empowered for this."


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