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My Dear Community,

Since I wrote last week's blog post on 'America, The Globe and a President 'Trump' we have seen a pronounced upswing in interest around the so called 'right' and responsible use of 'social media'. I have been (and I still am) a big proponent of social media. I wholeheartedly embrace it, as it has allowed me to reach hundreds of thousands of people across the globe that I just couldn't have reached, even a few short years ago. So I see the GOOD that can come of sharing our soul's knowledge with the world.

Like everything, there is a definite energy to social media and that energy derives from the active 'intent' with which you use it. Our intent (our true meaning or energy) is the power which drives our thoughts, our words and then our actions. How often do you stop and consider your intent BEFORE you speak or act? Could it be that social media is forcing us to become 'more conscious' and to consider carefully our intent before we cement it into physical reality with our word?

We have been given a great gift with the rise of social media on the Internet. That gift is the ability to express our 'word' to a global audience. Have you ever considered how powerful and awe inspiring your word is? Perhaps for the first time in many thousands of years (for I feel we had this ability to globally communicate at a previous stage in Earth's life cycle) we can each have our voice heard by an audience of millions worldwide. With this knowledge, one can feel that they have a lot of 'power' at their disposal. Yes? This is why our use of social media needs to be looked upon with personal respect for the conduit of information flow that it is.

Being Validated
Yet behind many people's use of social media, stems their overriding human need to feel 'validated'. In many ways, social media has taken over from the friends, partners, work colleagues and family members who perhaps used to fill this role for us. Validation helps us know that we are not lost within the sea of everyday living that often can overwhelm many. Yet what if we were able to work the energy of social media to our advantage and in the positive, rather than as a dumping ground for what could be called an 'online global confessional'?

Negative or Positive, it's all energy
It could be all too easy to think that social media shows us our current level of collective global. consciousness. In which case, one may think we are going backwards as a global society. But are we? What if the vast majority of conscious souls are NOT sharing on social media and are holding back? For it is often those in the most pain who feel the need to tell everyone how they feel. Those who are conscious are simply moving forward with their lives.

From reading someone's comments or posts online, one can 'feel' intuitively where they are at. Yes? And once a post or comment has been made, it is literally out there in the ether, reverberating for an eternity. So given this, what will you choose to add to our global commentary and also take away from it? All choice is with you.

Healing and Discernment
We can use social media as a 'healing tool' for ourselves and others by taking a moment before we speak and write and also by taking a moment before we give over our energy to random posts which show up in our online world. It's important to discern whether a message is personal to you or not. Most posts are not, but we can relate to what they are saying and hence why we feel the need to chime in.

If a message or post on social media is of direct and personal interest to you, then why not share your thoughts as a 'teaching tool' for yourself and others. Rather than choosing to be angry, hurt or frustrated and to inflict that energy upon others and the global energy field, why not allow your words to talk to you and heal you. as you write them. Perhaps you won't even need to hit the 'post' button? OR, perhaps you will and will light up our world because of who you are and what you have to share...

Working Social Media - In The Positive Light - What you can do right now...

  1. Choose what information and which people you wish to align with. Have a good healthy mix in your daily social media world of people and organisations that make you FEEL GOOD.
  2. Consider wisely what you choose to share on social media. Remember that what you say says everything about who you are 'right now'. Once out there, you cannot take it back. You will need to own it. So decide before you speak and follow through accordingly.
  3. Use social media as a force FOR GOOD. You have so much power at your fingertips that can work in your favour or against you in equal measure. Share, comment and post with your heart out in front, meaning allowing your strength to lead.

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