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My Dear Community,

Last week it was the biggest geo-magnetic solar storm of 2016 that up shifted our consciousness. This cosmic event had such a huge influence on Earth's magnetic field, that this solar storm is still affecting us now, albeit in a much lessened form. What this massive solar stream has done on Earth, is literally shake us to the core, to the point where we are questioning our reason for being, our direction and most importantly whether or not we are on the right path in 2016. Have you felt it?

In Iast week's Blog Post I mentioned that..."The Sun's vibration literally moves consciousness in our solar system. When the Sun is extremely active we on Earth are energetically stirred. Solar radiation does seep through our atmosphere and on the level of spirit (beyond the physical level) it has been scientifically proven that there are portals that connect the Sun and Earth. These lines of cosmic communication have us in direct link with the changes in consciousnesses that occurs on the Sun."

If you have felt a little isolated, alone or unsure this week about where you are heading in 2016, then know that you are not the only one. I have experienced this shift myself and heard from hundreds of people in my Tip-Off Community and on social media that they are lethargic, tired, physically drained and feeling unsure about their path....

During the past week you may have experienced some of the following:

  • Angry at people from your past who keep popping back into your mind or actual physical space. Perhaps you are recalling situations where you felt dis-empowered? Perhaps you wish you had acted differently back then? What is this telling you about who you are today? You're a stronger person now. You have no desire to repeat those old ways.
  • Lethargy both physically and mentally. Perhaps you are finding it more and more difficult to get up in the morning? Does your body feel like you have been hit by a bus just from sleeping?
  • Intense, vivid and prolific dreaming. Are you remembering your dreams or even practicing lucid dreaming, that is waking up within the dream and then directing the dream with your will?
  • Feeling despondent and unsure about your current life's direction? Perhaps you thought you had your path laid out and now situations are arising that make you question everything?
  • Feeling an urge to eat 'junk food' or simply more and more food? It's as though you are expending energy without even moving. It's OK, eat as your body desires.

If you answered, "Yes" to any or all of the above, you are experiencing the aftermath of last week's great solar/cosmic shift. We have all been stirred within to get us moving onto a more 'authentic and personally empowered path'. November is a month where honesty and integrity reign supreme. It's little wonder that you are questioning your direction. You are meant to. This questioning is what will lead you to make swift changes over the last seven weeks of 2016.

The message of our Sun is clear, " Like me, you are the centre of your universe. Rather than reaching for what you desire, instead will it to you. " Just as water drains down a sink, being sucked into the centre, such is the way that you manifest your desires. Life comes to you dependent upon the focus you exert in the direction of your desires.

So listen to your body and your inner call. Listen to the messages and then act accordingly In the last seven weeks of 2016 (the nine universal year). Right now we are concluding up the past nine years of our life. You can do this. Empowerment grows as you do...

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