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My Dear Community,

On December 1, 2016 we will be entering the fourth and final Mercury Retrograde season for 2016 with the onset of the pre-shadow phase. The actual Mercury Retrograde lasts for three weeks from December 18 until January 8 and then we enter the post-shadow phase. I like to call the entire eight weeks of the Mercury Retrograde cycle a 'season', as this fast moving planet around the Sun certainly does offer us a tempting invitation to become clear and precise communicators of our life...

(BELOW ARE EXCERPTS taken from my Ultimate Guide to Mercury Retrograde. A Free Supplement for all subscribers to The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast)...

" Mercury has a bit of a reputation in our solar system for being a stirrer, like the court jester of old or the joker in a pack of cards. Mercury’s planetary body accelerates our physical body, helping us to release our inhibitions, become flexible and cultivate a sense of humour. Mercury urges us to come into our authenticity by forcing us to look into the deeper meaning behind our communication style. Mercury is also known as ‘The Winged Messenger’ bringing us long awaited answers at lightening quick speed.

With all of this in mind, there are ways and techniques to be aware of that will help you to navigate, thrive and be inspired by the highs and lows of this thrilling season.


  1. When Mercury is retrograde, we here on Earth take over as the primary messengers for communication in our solar system. Do you like the idea of that? Do you resonate with becoming responsible for creating clear and direct communication and passing on messages from soul? During this season you become the cosmic messenger, both relaying and receiving important guidance.
  2. During the Mercury Retrograde season we can be physically altered and upgraded. Our brain becomes highly charged and activated and therefore, physical symptoms are quite common in the lead up to, after and during the actual retrograde period. We are up-shifting in consciousness and as such your body is evolving to a new level of physical fitness. This can at first show as bodily aches and pains. Stay with your process of shifting old energy. Your body will emerge from this season lighter and stronger.
  3. During this season you will be making very distinct choices, based on the messages you are both receiving and giving. As you will now be a messenger of the cosmos, this implies that you are urged to be open, honest and direct in your approach to ALL conversations. At other times of the year we may find it easy to brush aside our truth. Or you may have difficulty in determining which way to go in relation to what you do or do not say. Not so, during a Mercury Retrograde. Discernment is a major theme. This means working on your ability to act on what is most in alignment with your core needs. In other words during the Mercury Retrograde you will get lots of practice at hearing your soul (which speaks to you via the chamber of the physical heart). "

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