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My Dear Community,

One of the questions I'm often asked is, "How do I tell my partner about my love of cosmic energy and spirituality?" Particularly at this time of the year when we are gathering close, opening our hearts and sharing what we love, it can be a constant juggling act between wanting to share who you are and at the same time not being sure of how it will be received. Yes?

Our partners, the ones we choose to give so much of our time and energy to, are intrinsic to our life path. The more we can be ourselves around them, without the fear of judgment or ridicule, the greater our true nature, gifts and spiritual talents can flow...


So, below are some of my suggestions on how you can open up about your love of spirituality with your partner this holiday season:

  • When the Moon is full, go for a walk together. Ask your partner if they love looking at the Moon. Start telling them how the Full Moon makes you feel, and let the conversation flow from there.
  • If your partner is very closed off to anything spiritual, start slowly by burning a scented candle, some essential oils or playing gentle music in your home. This will work on a subtle level to open them up to deeper level of self-expression.
  • Ask your partner if they would like to do a Guided Meditation with you. Put on a favorite recording and share what you both experienced afterwards.
  • Talk about your dreams with your partner and ask them what they dream about. Give them an interpretation of what you feel their dreams may mean.
  • Read The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast to them. Perhaps at the end of the day or as you are getting ready for the day to start. Make it a fun experience and see how accurate you and your partner find it to be.
  • Suggest a favourite book on spirituality that you think your partner might enjoy.
  • Do a simple card reading for your partner. Again make it a fun experience.
  • Watch a movie together that opens the heart and then tell them how you feel.
  • Be outdoors, under the stars, in the forest or at the ocean and just let the conversation flow.

By all means, be yourself. This is a process of unfolding that can take many weeks, months or years and how your partner responds to your love of spirit should not deter you from following your heart. In some cases, partners may never come around to being on the same path and track as you are, but they can still be supportive of your path, as you can of theirs.

In other words, you can still have a healthy relationship even if you both have different ways of connecting with the universe. Stay true to what you love and know that in so doing, you will always be supported and surrounded with the ideal people and circumstances in which to grow.

Each day as we head into 2017, spirituality is calling for us to be open and aware and I have covered how to work these energies to your advantage in The Tip-Off Forecast

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© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved | Deltawaves