MY ENERGY OR YOURS? How to know when you're picking up on other's energy...

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My Dear Community,

Have you ever had a day that was going great, until suddenly you started feeling not so well? Perhaps you noticed a streak of anger or deep emotion sweep through you? Perhaps you got a headache and felt tired and depleted? Perhaps you kept thinking about someone and wondered why or you took a took a step back and thought, "Where did that come from?"...

As we now look to the opening of a New Year, a one universal year for the planet, and what I am calling 'The Year of New Beginnings' , I thought it an opportune time share with you the workings of energy between people and why we can inadvertently take on the directed will of others...if we are not aware.

Energy being sent in your direction
We are first and foremost, energy beings. When you focus your intent upon something or someone with great effort and exertion, you literally give over a major part of your life force to it or them.  The recipient of your focus literally does pick up upon your intent, be it for good or bad.

Therefore, if you begin thinking of someone 'out of the blue' and are emotionally moved by these thoughts, then it is highly likely that they are thinking of you and sending their energy intent your way. Likewise, if you are focused on someone else you are sending your energy their way.

We may assume that it is our own energy we are picking up on when we feel strong emotions, but this is not always the case, as I discovered (first hand) when I held Soul Healing Sessions for over ten years. I would often develop the very mindset and even physical ailments of my clients the night before or just hours before they would come to see me in session.

I would often wonder why I was feeling a certain way until as soon as my client sat down and started telling me their story, I would realise that what they were saying was exactly what I had just been going through, though it was not my story, it was theirs.

I was simply feeling their energy, as they were thinking of connecting with me in session, prior to us meeting. After many years, I got used to this occurring and to this day recognise that when I feel an 'out of the blue', strong energy reaction to someone I know it is most likley because that person is directing their energy towards me.

How do you deal with this energy from others and/or be more responsible for your own?
The way I have learned to process energy from another person sending their will my way, is to keep fit and healthy every day.

Ensure that you are living your own life without regret and without holding back in self-expression, as both of these acts create a strong energy field around your body,  enabling you to deflect energy, which is not yours to hold. It is vital to be mentally, physically and spiritually fit so that you are energetically clean and able to decipher your own energy from that of others.

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