THE FINAL SUPER MOON OF 2016: Cosmic Help is Coming...

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My Dear Community,

The final three months of 2016 each feature a SUPER FULL MOON. We had one in October, followed by the biggest Super Full Moon in 68 years in November. Now, in December we are blessed with the final Super Moon, finishing off the trifecta of intense cosmic help.

What is a Super Full Moon? Well, it is one of those rarer occasions when the Moon becomes full at the same time that is is also at its closest distance to Earth all month. Hence, making the Moon visually look bigger. Plus, the Moon's magnetic pull on Earth becomes more pronounced. 

Around the time of a Super Full Moon, earth activity increases, i.e bigger earthquakes and more frequently, erratic weather patterns can occur, high winds, rains, heat, hail etc. and king tides can be expected. Likewise, all organic life (humans, animals, flora etc.) can become highly charged, emotional, moody and anxious, as our body's waters and nervous system are also affected by this comic event.

The Super Full Moon on December 13-14, 2016 will be our third and final BIG release of 2016. What is a release? Well, it is a letting go of something that frees you up and produces much needed relief.

For example, have you ever held heavy packages that caused your arms to ache, your brow to sweat and the fire to rise in your body? What happened, when you put them down? Instant release of pain and a feeling of almost euphoria, "Yes"?  As the equilibrium comes back to your body and a sense of promise enters, you become open, feeling lighter and less weighed down.

Release of course is not restricted to the physical. Most of the time it is a life situation that requires dropping, which is the type of assistance that I offer each week in The Tip-Off Forecast

When the Moon is full, its magnetic pulse literally raises the water levels in our body and increases our heart beat,  so that our blood flows at a faster rate. This means that the fluid in our cells breaks up stuck energy and releases it into the bloodstream. We can therefore, feel any old pain or angst associated with the released memories (energy). The feelings are on the surface of our skin, which is where you want them to be in order to release.

There are many techniques which can be used to release this energy from your energy field. These are covered each week in The Tip-Off Forecast

So consider...what is it that you wish to RELEASE this Super Moon?

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© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved | Deltawaves