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My Dear Community,

We are now experiencing a year that is seeing the mass awakening of souls who are eager and ready to explore their spiritual truth. The energy of 2016 is already proving itself to be unpredictable, asking us to drop the control and trust in the direction we are being taken in. Yes? Have you noticed that outcomes are changing from week to week and that you are being tested to have faith in the unknown?

And thus, I speak to you, who are new to the concept of spirituality and the journey of the soul. Are you looking for answers and encouragement that you are on the right path and that you aren't losing it this year? What if indeed, this is the catalyst year where you find yourself?...

There comes a point in our life where the constant questioning and inner search for meaning leads us to a place of surrender. Have you ever felt like everything you have ever known no longer makes sense and you are just a foreigner in an unknown world? When we reach this place of uncertainty, we actually give over to a higher power. It may feel like you are lost, yet you are on the verge of being the very clearest you have been, since you were a small child.

I can remember vividly, the occasion I first 'consciously' woke up. It was New Year's Eve 1999 and I had just been through four years of constant inner searching, following my marriage break-up and disillusion with my career. That period of my life introduced me to the realm of spirit. I would have constant (vivid) out of body experiences while I slept. These scared me for many years, as they increased in intensity and I had no idea of what was happening to me.

I was aware I was dreaming and directing my dreams at the very same time. Then I can remember my body vibrating, like every atom was spinning at once and the noise was like thunder in my ears. This would happen night after night and I would resist it. Until one night the vibrations would not go away, so something told me to ask, "Is this good for me?" Immediately the energy simmered down and I felt a wave rise from my feet over my head, as I felt I was diving under the ocean and holding my breath.

I was taken through a fast moving tunnel, like a cosmic roller coaster and I felt myself detach from my physical body. I was light and free and reached a place of great light and colour. At which point I realised I was out of body and yet still myself, which freaked me out, so I zipped back into my body. I awoke and was amazed at what had just happened. I had experienced something very real and now there was no stopping the awakening process...

Thus, in 1999 after two years of intense, spontaneous out of body experiences, I can remember being out with friends on New Year's and we were all drinking and it was a particularly cold night. I kept thinking how pointless the New Year's celebration was and by 11.30pm my friend and her boyfriend had a huge argument and walked off and left me on my own.

Which was perfect really. So there I was, at nearly midnight, on the dawn on a new millennium, alone. I walked out of the pub where we were drinking and I went straight over to the ocean. I didn't care that I was on my own, as I was felt impeccably drawn to some swings (which I love). So I sat there, under the stars, head thrown back, swinging away and looking up to the sky asking for, "A better life than this"...

I felt safe and totally carefree, at which point fire works exploded over the nearby jetty. It was the dawn of a new era and the year 2000. The universe was giving me a personal sky-show ushering in my new life. Everything changed for me that night. The next day I woke up and watched the sunrise for the first time in years.

IN 2016
There will come a point for everyone where a sequence of events leads them to a place of no return. It's like the old adage of falling down the rabbit hole and going in deeper and deeper, as it gets crazier and more bizarre, the more you learn and uncover about your life.

This year is very supportive for those souls choosing to wake-up. It is a spiritually based year that will be delivering many spiritual experiences, much like the ones I have just described. The bonus is that in the current era we have the Internet and widely available knowledge to guide us through. There is SO much information available about what is happening to you.

This year we are being taught how to let-go of our often over-controlling head or personality. The more you can walk into the unknown and trust that this IS exactly where soul is leading you, the easier and more delightful your awakening process will be.

Would you like me to speak more on my personal awakening experiences and have you had similar? Let me know...

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