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My Dear Community,

I can remember for the longest time almost cringing if someone called me 'Gifted'. It was like a voice inside of me was saying, "But you've worked for what you are, it wasn't just handed to you on a platter like a gift is". Have you ever felt the same?

Do you have natural talents to share with the world that perhaps you are hiding from view? What does being 'gifted' mean to you and what if you knew that your gifts are what you have practiced and honed over lifetimes?...

I invite you to consider that what comes naturally to you had to at some point be practiced by you, so that it appears natural today. Practice as they say, makes perfect and I like to consider that perfection simply means 'bringing us into wholeness'. Now if you cannot remember ever practicing what you are naturally good at, consider that you brought this skill in with you, to THIS lifetime...

We are the sum total of all of our experiences. What you learn, gather and grow from never leaves your consciousness, but adds to the wholeness (the perfection) that you are. So imagine that from physical lifetime to physical lifetime all of your talents and experiences return in with you.

If you were an avid gardener in your last lifetime, that skill stays with your soul's essence and returns this lifetime to be utilised and added to. Thus, the same occurs for each lifetime, with the soul having a tendency to favour certain skill sets, that synchronise beautifully with your particular leaning of universal vibration.

As we return each lifetime we tend to be born naturally good at one skill or another. People may say we are gifted or talented if they cannot work out where we learned this skill from. You see small children just knowing how to play the piano as toddlers. Yes? What if they learned this skill previously and simply took up again what they once knew and loved? Puts a whole new slant on the continuum of life, doesn't it?

What skill are you naturally good at and how are you sharing it with the world?
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© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Elizabeth Peru | Deltawaves