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My Dear Community,

This week on my Facebook page spoke about the flu like symptoms we experience due to energy shifts. This is particularly prevalent in this lead-up to the eclipses occurring in March. So many of you resonated with what I said and also had many questions about how to alleviate physical aches and pains, that it has prompted me to follow-up. Here are my suggestions to assist your physical body, as we now rapidly upgrade our consciousness and ascend into greater light, pre-eclipses...


  • No.1 is to exercise (best done outdoors). Moving will make you feel better, I promise. Otherwise you are building up too much potential energy and it has no where to be released, except back into your bones, organs and muscles, causing fatigue and heaviness. Walk and stretch. I do BOTH every day, whether I'm home or away. It's what allows me to stay consistent and here for me and you.
  • No.2 is to UP your fresh water intake. Drink more than you think you need. Water is essential for energy conduction. We are electrical beings and when we are up-shifting consciousness we carry greater electrical charge. We get headaches when there is a build-up of too many positive ions in our body. Water brings in negative ions and balances our charge. Hence, why I also recommend taking salt baths or being near the beach to balance your charge and feel better 'instantly' physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  • No.3 is to meditate. An open-eye meditation is brilliant for bringing light into the body and easing pain. Print out your favourite image of spirit/soul and have it in your bedroom or on your phone's wallpaper, wherever you will look at it constantly. The high vibration will simply bring you into it's frequency. Being in the mere presence of high vibration aligns you to it.

And finally I recommend that you do not worry, but become quietly excited at the shifts you are going through to higher consciousness. It takes personal DISCIPLINE to look after your body, mind and soul during these times on Earth of great inter-dimensional shifts. We are all ascending into greater light together (the Earth included). I will speak more on the essential practice of discipline soon. And by the way, it is NOT a dirty word. Personal discipline in the area of energy connection will free you.. I promise xxx

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© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Elizabeth Peru | Deltawaves