Do you have a SPIRITUAL EGO?

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My Dear Community,

This week's blog post is an important one to take to heart and ask yourself if it relates to you in any way, shape or form. Many years ago when I first woke up to my spiritual reality, I can remember being very excited. Perhaps this is you now or you have been down this road with me?  I was also somewhat dismayed that concepts like 'my thoughts create my reality' had never been clear or known to me before. So with a mixture of anticipation, eagerness and openness I began devouring every morsel of spiritual information I could lay my hands on...

What is Spiritual Ego?
After several years of immersing myself fully in new age teachings, books, self-help courses, esoteric texts and personal development, I can remember thinking I just had to pass on everything I thought I knew to others. I must have sounded like a broken record to my friends at the time, because everything I spoke about was spiritually based. I can even remember talking to taxi drivers about the wonders of spirituality, LOL. Maybe you have been through the same scenario?

And talking about it is the operative word. Just after the year 2000, I was so sick of listening to myself expunge esoteric teachings to all who would listen, that I decided to pull away from all further searching outside of myself. I knew if I was ever to walk my talk, then I had to experience first hand what it was that my head thought it knew. This was the beginning of me addressing my spiritual ego and allowing soul to lead the way.

I liken ego to your personality. It is the voice of your head, deciding that it knows better than the heart, the emanator of soul. Now your personality is only trying to look after the human body and life, so it thinks it is doing the right thing by being smart and being seen to be intelligent, hence how we can develop an ego.

The danger in simply talking about what you know, rather than applying it, is that it is all words, not backed up by actions and the head knows this deep down. We run the risk of becoming our own worst enemy as we are lying to ourselves, and we know it. When we have a spiritual ego, we think we know everything about spirituality without having ever applied it in our own life.

You'll find that the more that you put into practice the principles and philosophies that you learn about from teachers or are told about from soul, the sooner your spiritual ego calms down and a self-assured peace washes over you.

Now many people will love to knock you and say that your spiritual ego is bigger than it actually is. Do your best to listen to your own voice within and your own feelings. Use your body as a feedback barometer, for each time you say something that you don't really resonate with, you will feel it as a little nip in your stomach. That's your cue to pull your head in and action what it is you were just talking about. Walking your talk is vital along your Earth path.

Experiencing spiritual ego is something that happens to ALL OF US. It's not something to be ashamed about, as it is simply part of the path of waking up and coming home to your immortal soul...

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