Are you ANXIOUS in 2016?

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My Dear Community,

I am hearing of an increasing number of people reporting anxiety, anxiousness and a good deal of uncertainty about their direction in 2016. Does this ring true for you? Indeed 2016 is a year where 'spiritual energy' the invisible realm of soul (the heart) is in charge. Whereas in 2015, which was a year of physicality and applied action, our personality (the head) was doing most of the work. In 2016 you will not know where you are heading and that's a new space for most people. It's an exciting space!

Instead of determining outcomes ahead of time, in 2016 we need to trust in the pure universal flow, of which we are a part. This energy moves you at a moment's notice and requires flexibility and a sense of adventure on your part.

Now, we tend to be more at ease with the head in charge, as it likes to control, plan and let us know where we are going. However, soul's direction is another whole ball game. Soul leads you into the unknown (unknown to the head at least) and the absolute perfect space for you to be...

Feelings of uncertainty arise when the personality determines that you are at risk. The triggers for being at risk, are highly variable between different people. For some it may be a simple trigger, that you forgot to go shopping for your usual dinner, and now you're unsure what to eat and/or how you will cope. For others it may be a stronger trigger, in that you get to the airport without your passport and your anxiety levels rise when your realise you need to go home to retrieve it etc.

In these types of situations, with soul in charge of your direction, you would find a solution without panicking or with minimal fuss. However, with the personality in charge of your direction, it may seem like the end of the world and you could hit panic stations, causing you to race around looking for a recovery plan.

As I have been saying all year, 2016 is a nine universal year for the planet. We are wrapping up what we began in 2008 and it is The Year of Completion. A year, where soul is pushing through to your higher awareness and demanding that you lead your life to a more evolved beat.

The head (personality) is slowly learning to back down and trust in the unknown. The only way we will ever drop our need to over-control situations, is to see that when we do follow the path of soul (which doesn't always make sense and tends to be spontaneous) that great results ensue.

So here's your solution. I suggest that you follow this on a daily basis and track your results...

  • Start each morning with some alone time. Whether it be a walk, stretch, shower, slow breakfast etc. Slow down and be quietly with yourself for contemplation. This allows soul to rise and connect with the personality, at the start of the day.
  • Don't plan your day too rigidly. Have a general idea of what you would like to accomplish and then let your inner flow direct your activities.
  • Act like you have already attained your ideal life. Go through the day knowing this. Feel a sense of accomplishment with everything that you touch, Train yourself to be self-satisfied.
  • It takes practice and consistency to flow with soul i this way.
  • The more you can do this with ease, the less anxiety is in your life and the freer you become...

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