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My Dear Community,

Global energy is on the rise, as we are now only days away from the first Super New Moon of 2016 on the day of the first Total Solar Eclipse. This is BIG news and what I have been preparing us for in the current issue of The Tip-Off Forecast

For the past two weeks we have been purging from our life what no longer serves the evolved soul we are morphing into. Have you noticed? In particular, we have been on a slip stream of positive encouragement from the cosmos. The more disciplined you have been (and can be) in your daily life, then the more you will be feeling this upward wave, and loving it. Yes?

Now, discipline is NOT a dirty word. I've said it before and I'll keep proclaiming the message until we accept that the way to personal freedom is to live a disciplined life. It is 'spiritual discipline' that I refer to. For when you follow the path of your soul, you cannot help but be on point in the physical world. Let me show you how it works in a normal, mainstream life...

When I refer to 'spiritual discipline' what I refer to is honouring your intuition and following the inner direction you receive on a daily basis. We all receive nudges and feelings on a daily basis, yet how many of them do you actually follow through with?

Discipline as an art-form, simply comes from conscious practice. Practice is different to repetition.

When we repeat something, we don't necessarily bring our total awareness into play. For example, you may keep on eating food that you know is not good for your body, simply out of laziness to stop and consider what you are doing to your body. Repetition is something we do on automatic pilot.

Now when you become aware of what you are repeating each day, then you have the opportunity to stop and consider if you still need to be doing it. This is called bringing 'awareness into your life'. This is the process and art of spiritual discipline.

Why not decide that starting today, you will make a conscious choice before you repeat the actions of yesterday? For example, decide what time you will get up and what you will do first thing, rather than following what you always do. You might get the inner nudge to wake up 30 minutes early and stretch, meditate, or read. Follow the call, as this becomes your spiritual practice which leads to a life of discipline.

You see, discipline is not some rigid plan you stick to, but a flowing lifestyle based on your intuition and daily feelings. Taking action is key.

As I said last week on the Blog, I recommend that with the Eclipse Season now upon us, not to worry, but to become quietly excited at the shifts you are going through into higher consciousness. It's happening to us all. It takes personal DISCIPLINE to look after your body, mind and soul during these times on Earth of great inter-dimensional shifts. We are all ascending into greater light together (the Earth included).

Remember that discipline it is NOT a dirty word. Spiritual discipline allows one to walk into the unknown with the utmost confidence. The more you can follow soul and the heart, and back it up with physical action, the more worthy you feel and the greater ease and grace overcomes your life....and this is the ultimate freedom.

Do you like this topic? Let me know in comments if you want me to speak more on the benefits of discipline or if you have any questions. I'd love to hear from you xxx

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