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My Dear Community,

In this month of March, where we have undergone radical upgrades to our energetic and physical bodies, thanks to the powerful first eclipse season of 2016, you may have noticed that your EYES are changing. Perhaps it's a subtle shift to the colour of your eyes or you may have even noticed that one eye or the other has changed shape?

Take a look at your eyes right now. Gently look into your left eye and then your right. What happens when you do? What feelings of deep connection immediately arise?

I invite you to consider, that often the first point of contact we make with another is via the eyes. Yes, we can often avoid looking at each other in the eye, but why is that? Is it because we know we will see what is truly underneath our skin? That we will see through to the luminous soul that we are?...

How often do you look deeply into your eyes and what do they tell you about the soul that you are? I often look deep into my eyes and I also love making eye to eye contact with others. Therefore, I get to see changes taking place to and within my eyes and those of others. During March and since 2016 began, I have been aware of a 'lightening' effect occurring within the eyes. I have seen my own eyes become paler in colour and almost glass like, for increasing amounts of time.

In the past I would notice that after I performed a healing or meditation, I would look in the mirror and my eyes would be glistening like crystals. So would the eyes of those I had been working with, as our life force energy was flowing and greater light was being transmitted and emitted by our energy bodies. Perhaps you have witnessed this phenomena too?

Yet in 2016, I am seeing this same, 'glistening' effect happening as a normal, daily occurrence. It's as though greater light is being shown through the soul and is being emitted via the eyes. Much like the famous movie Cocoon, when we get to see the light under the body suits of the visitors, when they peel back the skin near the eyes, this seems to be happening to us humans.

I say this, so you can start looking out for it too. I feel we all need to connect more deeply via the eyes, as they communicate the subtle language of the soul that words can often never match or express.

Each eye conveys a different message and individual energy...


  • your spiritual, intuitive and feminine eye.
  • look into this eye to see through to the past and previous lifetimes.
  • look into someone's left eye when you wish to speak to their heart and soul.
  • is focused on the language of the soul and spiritual dimension.


  • your physical, intellectual and masculine eye.
  • look into this eye to see through to the future and what you are creating today.
  • look into someone's right eye when you wish to speak to their personality and to be blunt.
  • is focused on the language of the human realm and the physical dimension.

YOUR THIRD (or middle) EYE

  • your window into the psychic realms and inter-dimensional travel.
  • often called 'the pineal gland' it looks like a little eye within your brain.
  • becomes stimulated the more you open up to spirituality and meditate.
  • is responsible for seeing beyond time, being telepathic and in tune.

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