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My Dear Community,
In this week where we have a SUPER NEW MOON and become like newborns all open, re-set and ready to begin again, it's so important to reinforce the need for us to have strong boundaries in place. And establishing and thriving with these boundaries isn't as hard as you may think. In fact, creating a field of intention that looks after your energy space is as simple as putting yourself first and never compromising on that...

How often do you pause and consider your own needs? Are you always trying to look after others or impress by going above and beyond? What if you pulled all of your precious energy in and for once, just considered what YOU need to be fulfilled and content on a daily basis?

You see if we are always focused outside of ourselves, our own energy field becomes weak and opens us up to being drained, tired and potentially attacked. You truly can not be of good service to anyone if you are feeling less than strong and vibrant.

Your body and energy is your responsibility and therefore, I invite you to focus right now and gain a clear intent on who you are and how you desire to feel...

Intentions create our reality and the more conscious you can be about what you desire the stronger your boundaries become, naturally. Do this with me now...

  • Close your eyes and imagine that you are already living your ideal life.
  • What do you look like, what are you doing, who is with you, where are you and how good does it feel?
  • Really build up this energy in your field until it becomes real for you.
  • See yourself living as this person right now, for indeed this IS who you are.
  • When you're ready open your eyes and notice how clear and fresh you are!
  • Now go about your day and check back into this vision every so often.
  • Know that you are building a natural force field of positive attraction around you and creating strong boundaries effortlessly...

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© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Elizabeth Peru | Deltawaves