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My Dear Community,

It's a moment we have been planning for and working towards over several weeks. The Eclipse Season in March prepared us for what is to come in May, by cleaning up our lifestyles and asking us to pare back and focus on what is essential for our happiness. Yes? Now, over the next 24 hours, we begin the pre-shadow phase of the second Mercury Retrograde for 2016, as we lay the groundwork for uncovering the answers to what makes us tick. You are about to overhaul your life and I'll show you why it's all so welcome and good for us...

As I've said in The Positive Guide to Mercury Retrograde...

THE PRE-SHADOW PHASE: April 14 until April 28/29
In the lead up to Mercury Retrograde we begin mental, physical and spiritual preparation some two weeks prior. This is called the pre-shadow phase of the retrograde. This is a very important phase for you to take note of and remember well. Why?

During this phase, the major themes that arise daily will be your personal themes for the upcoming retrograde from April 28/29 until May 22.

These personal themes will be what you get to overhaul, drill down into and master during the actual Mercury Retrograde period. Life is accelerating!

So during this period take note of:

  • Who pops into your life? Particularly whom you are thinking about constantly.
  • What major dealings are taking up your energy each day?
  • What new projects are you involved with?
  • What are you uncertain about?
  • Who comes back from you past?
  • What you are thinking about consistently?

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