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My Dear Community,

Have you noticed that now there are FOUR planets in retrograde (Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Pluto with Mercury to join in the mix next week) that you are becoming more clued in, more sensitive and more PSYCHIC? Planetary retrogrades bring us rare blessings. Whilst many people may find that their influence slows us down and forces us to ask questions and go into the detail on all life matters, this is the very aspect that forces us to use our innate psychic ability. Every human is born psychic, we just need to use this skill to enhance our perception of and connection with the other realms. And this is just what the retrogrades help us with...

Right now your life may not be running as smoothly as it does at other times of the year, when they're aren't as many planets forcing you to be regressed. Have you noticed this? When we slow down and look more deeply into our past and what is also right in front of us, we start to question and analyse. As we do this, we trigger our inner knowing.

It's your questioning that opens up your higher senses of awareness, often called our PSYCHIC ability. We can learn to become 'more psychic', as we trust in our intuition and inner hunches by taking the chances in following the direction we are guided to. Oftentimes your psychic sense will make no rational sense, yet follow anyway. It is only when you take the leap into the unknown,  that you will see the rewards and efficacy of using your higher senses.

Those who are born when one or more planet is in retrograde are naturally more psychic than others. Why? Well they are more attuned with an investigative spirit. They are used to asking questions and will often receive messages that are not obvious to others. In order to trust their heightened intuition, those born under retrogrades need to flex their psychic muscle by speaking up and expressing their innate intelligence in everyday life.

Yet know, we can all become more psychic by practicing trust in following our intuition. As you consistently follow your heart's desires and soul's command, your sense of what is about to happen and the meaning behind what has, naturally deepens and develops to become your ally and best friend...

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