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My Dear Community,

Recently on my Facebook Page I wrote a post about the passing of Prince and how the ancients saw those with EPILEPSY as 'intermediaries between worlds' with special psychic abilities. This struck a deep chord with many people and hence, I thought I would write a more in-depth article to spark conversation and bring light to those who may be struggling to understand who they are in our modern world...

So many people today have forgotten their connection to the spiritual realms, yet in times past the ancients were very in touch with other dimensions and anyone who was a channel and intermediary between worlds, was seen as revered, special and a close link to the divine.

There are certain physical conditions which can increase our connection to spirit. We may be born with these or they can develop and also come and go, as we move through the lessons of life. I can remember back in 2004 when I was going through an increased psychic development period, with a daily insatiable thirst for esoteric knowledge, that I started getting aura flash migraines. I attribute this directly to the outer body experiences (OBE's) I was having in my dream states, as my brain literally felt like it was being re-wired over many months to accept communication between dimensions. 

By 2006 these aura flash migraines ceased, after happening almost constantly for eighteen months. Since this period my psychic sense have become very grounded with the daily use and practice of my skills and I haven't had a migraine since. I have heard many stories of people who have had ailments come and go in relation to their spiritual development and I feel it is almost a necessary step in our initiation into the higher realms of knowing...

Below I offer you some different interpretations for physical conditions that modern medicine may not entirely understand. These are based on my own intuition and my study of the ancients:

Downs Syndrome
These people have strong heart and soul energy. They lead with their soul. They are the ones who are here to embody the power of LOVE. They are the balancers of energy between head and heart and teach people to tune into the joy and wonder of life.

Advanced souls (those who have led many Earth lives) can choose to incarnate with Downs Syndrome hence, why they were often called 'Angel Children' by the ancients. They teach us to slow down and relish in the moment. It is important to learn from those with Downs to open your heart and express freely who you are. They serve a very important role on Earth.

The ancients saw those with Epilepsy as being in direct communication with the divine and hence intermediaries between spiritual and physical dimensions. Those born with epilepsy tend to be highly creative and natural psychics. It is important to encourage their artistic skills and let them know they are completely normal, especially if they find it easy to see, hear and speak with spirit.

Those who acquire epilepsy may find this happens during a period of their life when they are ready to step fully into their role as a way shower to others. It is important that we feel free to use our psychic skills in society without fear of being reprimanded or sidelined for doing so. We can each do our bit to use our own psychic skills daily and see them not so much as a trick or gift, but as a learned skill that we all have access to and can use daily.

My own brother has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and I know he is a highly tuned in and gentle soul who simply does not know how to control the messages he receives from spirit. What we call schizophrenia today would have been identified at a young age (in particular in Ancient Egypt) and these children or young adults would have been chosen to work in the temples, bringing through messages from the divine.

Under the correct understanding, care and education I feel those with schizophrenia would know they are not alone, crazy or mad, but indeed special and important souls who are tapped into others dimensions. They help us all realise that we are spiritual beings, living physical lives.

I myself have had depressive moments in adult and teenage life, triggered by life-changing events and I am sure that they have helped me to go deeper into my meaning and have triggered my life purpose to develop. Anyone who looks under the surface of reality needs to go quiet to do so and at some stage we cannot help but become despondent at what we find.

Those who can easily fall into depression are naturally psychic for they are not afraid of going into the dark to touch their truth. It is important that we speak of depression as a normal occurrence when one is on the road to their meaning. Depression in ancient times would have been seen as part of the shaman's journey into the underworld to seek and find spiritual reality.

I trust that you find my writings helpful and that they trigger a greater awareness and appreciation of what modern society calls illness and yet the ancients would have seen as pathways to empowerment...

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