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My Dear Community,

This week I continue on in my series of teachings from my course taught back in 2012 called LIVING DIVINE. I trust that you enjoy my perspective on the difference of consciousness between head and heart, what I call personality and soul...

At this point, let’s explain a little of the difference between head and heart, our PERSONALITY and SOUL to assist in recognising the two, how they work and how you can use them to full advantage.

Soul is the greater concentration of YOU, containing all of your experiences of all of your lifetimes and beyond, being a part of universal source. You are an individuated aspect of source - you are soul, as we all are. Physically we can say that soul is everywhere yet, concentrated in and around the heart in your body.

In soul's awareness it has never been born into human life, and can't see what the fuss is all about with our everyday problems. It is in an infinite energy and sees and knows only love and abundance. This is your core. This is everyone's core. Soul speaks always with spirit and The Angelics.

The more you can slow down, meditate, breathe and bring in the universal life force, the more you will come to experience the united YOU.

Now your personality is the aspect of your human life experiences that is also a part of soul, like the outer layer if you can imagine that - the HUMANNESS, and it does have awareness of being born into human life and of eventually dying – it has a time span and is ruled by the laws of materiality and duality.

We tend to identify with personality being who we are in our human life, until we 'wake up' and experience the deeper soul directing our life.

Our challenge in life therefore, is to get our personality (which can often feel cut off, alone, depleted etc.) to recognise that it is a part of the greater soul. You do this by closing your eyes often and feeling with your heart.

Then we need to get our personality working with our soul. Our head with our heart. So we lead a normal everyday life, which is driven by the heart with the head backing it up.

So, for example if you want to be a WORLD SERVER a LIGHT WORKER, then you must also live in this world, earn an income, have a roof over your head, food on the table etc., all things that the personality helps soul with.

So the head asks the heart "How can I help support you?” What practical steps can I take"? The head is a questioner, the heart is an answerer. YOU then act on what you hear from the heart. This is important …TAKE ACTION.

It can be a long process to get your head asking and trusting your heart for advice, that you then ACT on, but you can practice this two-way conversation and see a big shift in your life as you do.

I trust this explanation assists you in understanding your WHOLE SOUL a little more before we move on...

Let me know what you think of this series (comment) and if you would like more next week?


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© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Elizabeth Peru | Deltawaves