THE INDIVIDUAL OR THE CROWD? Which do you tend towards?

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My Dear Community,

It's a pivotal energy week for the planet, as we raise our consciousness, shake-off restriction and forge ahead. Which brings me to today's BLOG post about individuality vs. crowd mentality. Have you ever stopped to consider whether you feel more at ease as an individual or as part of a crowd?

Indeed, there are times when we break away and forge our own path, just as there are times when we feel the comfort of being surrounded by those of common interests. Yet, what is your preference and what does it say about you? Are you more at ease going your own way or as being part of a group?

The Individual
What is it that makes a soul wish to do things their way? Why is that individuals love to buck the system and are unafraid of being out on their own, perhaps leading the way for the crowd to follow? Is is past experiences that teach us to nurture our own opinions and have the courage to speak out and enact upon them?

The individual is at ease in their own company. They are self-motivated and unworried about making mistakes. They have ideas that may seem radical and that's what makes them tick, the notion that they are the first, the pioneers in uncharted territory.

The individual thinks in a forward direction. They are actually akin to 'the messenger' sent out by the crowd to create a path which others can then follow and benefit from. It serves us all well to practice being an individual, in at least one area of our life.

The Crowd
Why do we often find comfort in crowds? Is it because we can blend and hide from the potential pressure of being in the spotlight? Perhaps you are an individual at home and part of the crowd in public? Is the appeal of crowds that we can feel at one amongst and next to one another, whilst unalone as part of a common cause?

The crowd can fortify us. It can give us the strength that on our own, we find hard to muster. The crowd wields great power when focused in the same direction. And yet, how often does the crowd look to an individual or individuals for its overall leadership?

So are you part of the crowd or the one out in front leading the way? Which is it?

Are you naturally an individual or naturally one of the crowd? Perhaps you swap between the two and feed from the benefits which they both offer. Perhaps we do indeed need to experience both in order to feel whole and complete?

What will you choose in 2016? As each day we let go of what has been and focus on the present to raise global consciousness...

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© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Elizabeth Peru | Deltawaves