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My Dear Community,

Recently I have had many people asking me to comment on The US election (in particular) and how the current cosmic energies are affecting possible outcomes in political situations worldwide. I'm never one to speak too much on politics, as I see it as a way to get stuck in arguing irrelevant points with one another. Discussing politics invokes an energy of 'my view is better than your view' and to me this type of debate never helps us to become more aware and compassionate towards one another. Even though I have my own opinions just like we all do, I usually work most of them out in my own time and way.

Yet last weekend's rare planetary Grand Cross where the major players were VENUS (pushing our buttons on personal value and worth) and the SUN (asking us to shine more brightly) has affected the tide of global politics, just the same as it has affected your daily life. None of us are immune.

How so? Well, we have all been forced to question and decide what it is we value and believe in on a deep, personal level. As people the world over have all been affected by this same rare planetary alignment, we will see a growing movement amongst the masses away from fighting and towards self-care.

The final six months of 2016 will be evolutionary....

2016 is a nine universal year for the planet (2+0+1+6) = 9, as we wrap up what we began in the one universal year of 2008 (2+0+0+8 = 10 and 1+0 = 1). All year we are letting go of the past and old ways, as we walk into the unknown and prepare for a new energy decade in 2017.

This is also a year that sees the rise and equality of the FEMININE energy. We have been saying this for many years and yet with VENUS so active last weekend, I have felt a definite shift of power toward the feminine. It's slow but it is on its way. We can only be out of balance for so long (between masculine and feminine on Earth) until the universe naturally addresses the harmonics for us.

And thus we have a US election with a hard-core alpha male, who readily discriminates on one side and a hardened yet experienced female who has endured her partner's indiscretions on the other. This energy is polarising and can feel old and worn to most people, no matter what side of the spectrum you lean to. I feel the end result will surprise all of us. We may think we are getting a certain personality when voting and yet once in office they will flip, they will have to, as the real power behind politics is not with the leader, but the organisation pulling the strings.

The cosmic climate for the remainder of 2016 (with two more Mercury Retrogrades coming up and eclipse season before the US elections) ensures that people will think deeply before voting in the US and here in Australia where I live. Anything can happen and there may be a major pull-out before election day. Stand by...

Plus in Brazil we are seeing a huge turning of the tide where the balance between feminine and masculine power is being urgently addressed by the people.

My stance has always been with politics that I will work with whatever system there is to achieve what it is I wish to experience. There is always a way around everything and the more creative and ingenious you become, the less you worry about the world of seeming appearances, as you instead get on with making a world of your own choosing...

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