SHAKE IT OFF... The 3 Secrets of Energy Discipline

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My Dear Community,

July has been a trying month for many. Whilst our physical bodies have been repairing and rejuvenating to integrate the massive lifestyle changes brought in by June's rare planetary Grand Cross, we may have felt a little flat, sometimes despondent and perhaps off track.

Sensitives have especially felt the weight of 'old pains' being lifted (on mass) from the globe. I know that many of you have been filtering out limiting behaviours not only for yourselves, but for others as well.

Perhaps you have felt that every time you've taken one step forward, you've taken two-steps back. If so, know that you are right on track and in tune with the cosmic flow. All of our cards will begin to fall into place after next month's Eclipse Season begins.

Until then, I have some timely advice that will help you keep your energy and physical body clean and vibrating high. Plus you'll learn how to simply avoid taking on other people's often toxic energy cast offs.


I trust that you find these simple reminders an easy and practical way of looking after yourself and bringing in some discipline to protect and nurture your precious energy:

  1. Move Away - Whenever you get stuck or feel your energy deflate, it is important to immediately move yourself away from your current position. This may mean taking it outside, walking into another room, going for a walk, stretching or closing your eyes, focusing on your breath, looking up, removing yourself from other people, taking your shoes off, having a shower, reading a book...whatever your intuition guides you to. Moving away from a stuck environment for a short period gives you perspective and re-sets your energy field. Do this whenever you feel drained and notice that your flow has been interrupted or you have lost connection to soul.
  2. Straighten Up - As soon as you move away, focus on your body. Lengthening your spine has been scientifically proven to improve your mood instantly. Chances are when you feel stuck you are hunched over, biting your lip, looking down, squinting, sighing or dragging your feet. Focusing on good posture allows energy to flow up and down your spine evenly, ensuring that all of your organs and cells are not crushed and are instead filled with light.
  3. Shake It Off - I suggest you do what the animals do to keep their energy field clean and that is to 'shake it off'. Have you ever noticed that when you let go of an animal after a hug or a pat, they immediately shake their body? They're not being rude by saying, " I want your energy off me" they are actually protecting themselves from taking on your energy. We naturally 'shake it off' when we get a shiver up and down our spine, and we feel a tingle throughout our body. Shaking your body quickly is one of the easiest ways to instantly and efficiently re-set your energy and remove other people's discordant energy from your field.

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