THE VISION QUEST...Who is your Spirit Animal?

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My Dear Community,

Last week on my Blog I introduced you to the ancient practice of taking oneself off on a Vision Quest. We spoke about the importance of connecting with meaning and personal fulfillment along our life path and of doing so whilst connecting with the forces of nature.

Today I would like to go a little further and delve into the act of being on a Vision Quest. For when we open up and deeply commune with spirit, all manner of help, from many dimensions comes in to guide our way...

Along the path of being on a quest to connect with soul and receive messages from the divine, there comes a point where a 'helper' in the form of an animal, either in the spiritual or physical dimension makes itself known to us.

For indeed we all have assistance and messengers sent to guide is along our life path. Animals are natural mediators between the spiritual and physical realms. They are often the link or bridge between our memories of soul life and our current reality of human life.

Your 'Spirit Animal' may be an animal you have naturally felt a resonance with all of your life. Perhaps you have always been drawn to one particular animal or another? Have you ever considered that this favourite animal of yours could also be your guide and 'Spirit Animal'?


  • When we first start out on a Vision Quest we are often sent an animal to guide our way.
  • This animal can come in the form of a 'vision' to us while in meditation and communion with nature and/or it may even physically appear.
  • Your spirit animal may give you a name to all them by, for indeed they are a soul underneath their body, just as you are.
  • Your spirit animal will communicate with you via telepathy and guide you into the deeper dimensions of spirit. They can appear to talk and hold conversations just like humans.
  • Your spirit animal can help interpret messages sent from soul and even guide you along the path that is in your highest interests.

In September 2016, I will be taking all of my Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast Subscribers through a VIRTUAL VISION QUEST and we will get to MEET OUR SPIRIT ANIMAL. This will be conducted over four weeks during the powerful Eclipse Season. If you would like to be a part of this global event, simply subscribe before September 1...

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