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My Dear Community,

Over the past two Blogs I have been discussing the concept of 'Vision Quests'. We've looked at what a vision quest is and how we may meet spirit animals along our quest. I trust you have enjoyed this insight into the process of a Vision Quest and are learning what a sacred act it is to commune deeply with nature and our soul.

This week in the lead up to our Virtual Vision Quest (coming in September for Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast Subscribers) let's take a look at the importance of 'Cleansing and Clearing Our Energy Field' in preparation for receiving direct and meaningful guidance from spirit and soul...

Every living presence generates a field of light (or energy) which originates from soul, which is a part of the source of all nature. Therefore, your physical body (via the heart) produces layers of energy which extend through and beyond the skin and interpenetrate with the life force energy of source and every other living being. We call this energy field our 'Aura' which vibrates to different frequencies depending on our thoughts, feelings and cosmic influences. 

Many people can see auras and all of us can feel them. Just rub your hands together briskly and then pull them slowly apart. You will feel a bouncy invisible field between your hands. This is your 'Energy Field' and it is responsible for keeping your physical body strong, as you communicate with the many dimensions all around you.

Our energy field can become clogged, damaged and dirty through everyday living. It is important that we keep our field clean and clear on a daily basis. Before a Vision Quest it is especially important that you take a few days to ensure that your field is bright and strong.

Some Ways to Cleanse Your Field:

  • Keep your skin clean with dry body brushing everyday before you have a shower or use a wet loofah in the shower.
  • Take a salt bath or use rock salt with oil to scrub your skin. After bathing complete the cleanse by by sealing your field with a mist of filtered water and your favorite essential oil.
  • Light some dried sage or lavender and waft it all around your energy field, not forgetting the soles of your feet and the top of your crown.
  • Drink plenty of clean filtered water throughout the day. Pop in some slices of fresh lemon or lime for extra cleansing duty.

In September 2016, I will be taking all of my Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast Subscribers through a VIRTUAL VISION QUEST and we will get to MEET OUR SPIRIT ANIMAL. This will be conducted over four weeks during the powerful Eclipse Season. If you would like to be a part of this global event, simply subscribe before September 1...

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