SEEING YOUR FUTURE...The Path of The Vision Quest

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My Dear Community,

It's something that we would all love to have...a window into our future, gazing beyond time at an image of that which is yet to take form. Perhaps this image is one of our future selves? What will we look like? What will we be doing? Where are we? Who are we with and what kind of life are we leading?...

To have a clear vision of the possibilities for our life, can seem like a gift that is way beyond our reach. Yet, is it? What if you knew that you had complete access to what is coming next and that in fact, you are the one orchestrating your future... right now?

Over my past few Blogs I have been introducing us to the concept of 'Vision Quests'. We've looked at what a vision quest is, how spirit animals can join us for assistance and how important it is to cleanse and clear before setting off on our journey within.

Today we'll look at the visions which can come to us when we move off alone in nature and what they may mean for our future possibilities...

When we set off into nature, on our own, after a period of cleansing and clearing, we embark upon a sacred path.

Nature speaks to us through the sounds and vibrations which whisper the wisdom of the universe. It is when we are alone, without distraction from outside sources, that we can truly open up to the visions that soul holds for our life path.

Your future is created consciously by the visions you can tap into today.

The ultimate aim of being alone in nature is to have a vision of your 'future life path' shown to you.

You'll find that nature's voice allows you to become loose, lucid, free and open to receiving visions via your third eye. So simply by closing your eyes and allowing your inner sight to take over, you will naturally begin to paint a picture of what your future holds. For your future is what you desire to create today.

Let 'The Vision Quest' help you to create a conscious future with your highest ideals in mind, aided admirably by the loving cosmic forces of nature...

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