THE VISION QUEST...paving the path of your soul

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My Dear Community,

For millennia we have been fascinated by the greater meaning of life. Have you ever wondered why you are here, how you got to be, where you are going and if there is a grander purpose to your life? For indeed deep within, we all know that our life does matter and that what we do with our talents and skills whilst on Earth is of paramount importance.

The ancients were just like us, if not a little more connected with nature and the cosmic flow. They too would seek their greater purpose and meaning and in order to receive direct messages from the great universal spirit and soul, they would go alone into nature, on a personal quest...

A vision quest is a personal spiritual journey to discover answers, direction and life guidance. One sets out on such a quest, usually at a significant juncture in their life. You could have reached a milestone in age, be transitioning relationships or careers or have just come through a physical, mental, spiritual or emotional challenge. Whatever it is for you, there comes a time in life when we know we need to go it alone, if only for a short while, in order to meet our destiny.

A Vision Quest can have several stages...

  • First one gathers with their like-minded group or community to set their intentions, cleanse and prepare for the individual quest.
  • Then one chooses a destination in which to conduct their quest alone. Usually this is done within nature or within an environment that will connect one to spirit.
  • During the actual quest, one may fast or stay awake in order to be in a lucid state to connect with the divine and receive visions and guidance from the spiritual dimension.
  • One has to overcome their personal fears on their quest in order to access their true state.
  • Once the personal quest is complete and messages are received, the individual may return to their like-minded group or community to close off the circle, share and give thanks before setting off on their newly envisioned life path.

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