The Meaning of Dreams in September 2016

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My Dear Community,

You've probably noticed that over the past couple of weeks your dream states have been intensifying. Yes? We're going to bed tired and ready for a rest, when perhaps this is anything but what we are receiving. Are you waking up in the morning or middle of the night wishing you had a few extra hours? Or are you receiving a sleepless and restless night with prolific dreaming, including astral travel and possible nightmares?

Soul is wide awake and well during September, leading us into the deepest recesses of our long-held desires and expectations for our life path. This weekend, as Neptune reaches its closest point to Earth all year, coupled with The Eclipse Season and Mercury Retrograde, we are cosmically forced to initiate a thorough cleansing and clearing of our lives...

You may have often wondered why you dream and what drives the images and sequence of events that takes place when you go to sleep. Consider who is actually doing the dreaming? Have you noticed that when you dream, you can be in your dream and also the observer of your dream at the same time?

So who is the dreamer or the actor in your dreams and who is the observer? I invite you to envisage that there are two levels of consciousness within you. The mundane, everyday level of your personality and the deeper, spiritual level of soul.

Soul and Personality
Soul is in a constant state of observation. Much like a traveler in a far away land, where every moment is new and fascinating. Whereas, personality is often feeling pressured by the responsibility of living up to soul's expectations for our life path. Our personality can therefore, tend to miss and overlook vital information that soul sends to us each day. This can be why at night when the personality shuts down,  soul can get it's messages through, via the images and feelings in our dreams...

In September we are experiencing two eclipses during a Mercury Retrograde. Each day the personality is feeling the pressure to clean up and clear out what is no longer working in our life. Soul is loving this opportunity to bring us closer to using our innate talents and skills that advance our life.

As such, our night time dreaming is intensifying. This is added to by Neptune's current closest approach to Earth all year. Neptune blurs the lines between dimensions and helps us to drop the over-controlling ways of our personality.

When you go to sleep tonight, take a moment before you nod off and speak to your personality. Ask that the meaning of your dreams be shown to you clearly, so that when you awake you have a refreshed idea of your next moves to make.

It's by being conscious that our dreams are here to help us thrive and connect with soul, that we advance in our spiritual evolution and experience a more flowing and joyous life...


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