Are you feeling the urge to TRAVEL?

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My Dear Community,

September is a month of mass cleansing and clearing, health and healing, as The Eclipse Season and Mercury Retrograde combine, in this 'nine month of a nine universal year'. We are being called to clean up any and all areas of life that have been longing for a shift and change. So have you been doing this? Are you feeling lighter for the experience, perhaps even laid bare?

You may find that as September progresses your need to 'get away from it all' and embark on any form of travel becomes a driving force. For indeed, when we disengage from our everyday routine and put ourselves into a new mindset, one that embraces flexibility, then we naturally are drawn to places different and important for our soul's growth...

At our core we love change and the unknown. It's what makes the soul thrive here on Earth and when you think about it, we are all travellers in an unknown land that is Earth...

Soul is a constant traveller, in and out of incarnations, experiencing many bodies and many lives. It is our normal state to be in wonder and awe, learning and growing from our daily interactions. In September we feel the need to break free of restriction and routine.


The call of 2017 is already beckoning. Can you feel it? In order to prepare for next year and what will be the beginning of a 'new energy decade' for the planet, this month we are being urged to visit new places and spaces. Now this may be a trip locally or you may travel interstate/intercity, to other countries, provinces or overseas. The important aspect is to honour the pull from soul and go where you are called to.

If you feel the need to travel and do something different with your life, then follow...

I will be travelling this month, overseas and back to Singapore for some exciting meetings. I always enjoy the high energy of Singapore, as it us such an international melting pot for people from all over the globe.

Many light-workers emanate from Singapore. Perhaps you have met some of them? They tend to be undercover, doing their work quietly for the planet. Singapore is a place I have visited many times over the years, teaching my first courses there back in 2005. This trip will be more personal for me, as we are still in Mercury Retrograde and it IS a very personal month of communication overhaul for us all.

I look forward to Week 3 of our Virtual Vision Quest, which starts when I return home to Adelaide, Australia from Singapore. Going on our quest this week, on or around EQUINOX is going to hold special significance this year!

So no matter where you are, what you are doing or where you are travelling to, I urge you to do so with a sense of adventure in September.  Plans can and will change, but that's to keep you fresh and spontaneous, which after all, is the true nature of your soul...

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