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My Dear Community,

Now that September is well underway, we are intuitively and cosmically being guided towards a full cleanse of not only our physical body, but also most importantly, our energy body. Perhaps you have been feeling the urge to clean out your life, dropping old toxic habits and deciding that emotions are best kept pure, without being overwhelmed with unhealthy influences, that can come in when we over-indulge in any personal practice incessantly.

September IS Eclipse Season and Mercury Retrograde is coinciding with this cosmic powerhouse of events, to ensure that we wrap up old business and clear the decks for a new lease on life. Throughout September, I am taking my Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast Subscribers on a four week Virtual Vision Quest to help facilitate just this!

In week 1 of our Vision Quest, we look at CONNECTING to our soul and meeting our Spirit Guides and Master Teachers, in a touching Guided Meditation. We focus on cleansing and clearing our energy body, as we are given practical exercises that include physical smudging, sacred baths, healthy eating and daily meditation and exercise to prepare for Week 2, which is when we set our INTENTIONS for our actual Vision Quest.

INTENTIONS are so important , because they represent your focused imagination.

Do you realise what you are intending each day, with your repetitive thoughts, overlaid with intense feelings? Have you ever stopped to consider that you are creating your future experiences with the field of energy created by your intentions today?

It's not just the odd thought you have which quickly slips from your awareness, it is the repetitive thoughts which set your focus, whether you are aware of them or not!

In September, I urge us all to become AWARE of our repetitive thoughts and to take time out each day to use our IMAGINATION to create a future reality that is alignment with our deepest desires and dreams. How to do this? Well, the best way I know is via active meditation.

When we meditate we focus our imagination on the goals of our soul, for indeed the heart energy rises when the brain energy lowers.

In Week 2 of our Virtual Vision Quest, I will take you through a powerful meditation to set our intentions for our upcoming VISION QUEST, which will take place the third week in September, on or around Equinox. Let's focus our intent in September and utliise the magnificent energy asking us to elevate and excel our life...

We're holding your spot open...THE QUEST has begun
In September 2016, I am taking all of my Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast Subscribers through a VIRTUAL VISION QUEST. This will be conducted over four weeks during the powerful Eclipse Season and is a FREE BONUS that comes along with your Tip-Off Subscription. If you would like to be a part of this global event it's not too late, simply subscribe and join in on The Quest...

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