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My Dear Community,

It struck me this week, just how flooded we are in travel diaries from bloggers and vloggers. They've become the new norm to the travel shows that we used to watch a mere decade ago. Can you relate? It also got me to reminiscing about the many travels I have made around the world for the specific purpose of connecting with power centres and the energy grids of the planet.

If you're like me, perhaps you enjoy connecting directly with source? By this I mean, getting your hands, feet, senses and soul fully immersed in the energy of ancient sites. Most ancient ceremonial sites of the world are located 'where they are' because of the overlapping lines of cosmic energy that emanate from the land upon which they stand. 

Places on Earth that emanate a high vibration and spiritual energy can be sensed and intuited by those who have honed their energy to pick up on spaces or portals that emanate light. Perhaps you have felt 'good energy' arising from special places you have visited?

All my life I have been drawn to the wisdom of the ancients. Ever since I was a young girl, I would be fascinated with stories of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Syrians, Mayans, Incas and so on. To me, if I can connect directly with the energy of those wise souls who have come before me, then I can be in touch with the cosmic energy that helps me to better interpret energy patterns and their effect upon our life.

Being born in Australia, I have lived in a very grounded and far away country all of my life. The earth here is magnetic and truly keeps you real and able to see through illusion quite easily. I can always remember having a global outlook on life because we are such a multicultural society. At the age of ten, I made my first trip to America followed on by Greece. What stood out for me in America was the deserts and the ancient Native Indian land. Deserts reset our heart chakra, they connect us the with pulse of the core of the Earth and as such keep us in rhythm and balance.

To this day whenever I travel I make time to seek out the power places of where I visit. More often than not they are located within nature. The seas, rivers and forests all tend to emit a frequency that soothes and electrically re-charges the soul...

I have been to many countries all around the world and continue to travel when the opportunity presents. Below are a handful of the ancient places I have visited and the energy that they exude...

  • The highlights of my first trip to Greece as a youngster were visiting the Parthenon in Athens. This was back in the days when you could still walk all around the monuments. I felt like I was back in my own land, a time and place with reverence for the cycles of the soul. A place for culture, discussion and the arts.
  • Egyptian travel in my 30's brought up all of my past life memories. I got quite ill before arriving whilst travelling through Europe. My first two days in Egypt were spent burning up with a spiritual and physical flu. Once I recovered, I visited nearly every ancient site up and down the Nile with Denderah and The Temple of Hathor feeling like my soul home. The great pyramid at Giza was also of intense resonance, as was the red pyramid at Dashur. 
  • Traveling to Jordan was liberating. I felt much more at home there than I ever did in Egypt. The ancient sites of Petra and Jerash ignited my base and heart chakras. I can still remember the rose red desert sand, brimming with feminine and goddess fire. I also absolutely loved bathing in the Dead Sea and feeling the lull of relaxation overcome me because of the high natural lithium content.
  • The ancient archaeological park of Angkor in Cambodia (which I have visited over five times) helped to open and activate my higher chakras more than many other ancient sites. Especially The Bayon Temple, a site devoted to awakening the pineal and pituitary glands.
  • The volcanic soil of Santorini in Greece helped with my energy flow and attunement to crystals in particular. This land is brimming with high vibration energy that helps to clear the heart space and open one up to the invisible realms.
  • Then there is Crete and the ancient temples of Phaistos and Knossos. Temples of higher learning where I felt a connection to the water and the flow of life, as in ancient time.

    My spiritual travels have helped to mold the person who I am today. Travel is intrinsic to the soul. We are born travellers, arriving on Earth in new form from the spiritual dimension. There is something so natural about journeys undertaken on our own.

    Do you love to travel? Even if it is around your own home or town or country, or perhaps to far off places? Consider how much you have grown and matured because of the new and enlivened experiences that you can perhaps only know once you have ventured out from home base.

    What ancient sites around the world have you visited and what have they taught you about life? I'd love to hear from you xx

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