MAY 2017...will it be a month for SPIRTUAL GROWTH?

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My Dear Community,

How have you been this week? We've just come through the first Super New Moon of 2017 and it has brought with it, an enormous wave of 'spiritual maturity'. What does this mean? Well, we're all feeling a strong inner pull to slow down a little and ensure that we are being authentic and true to 'our self'.

That call to grow up, mature and take care of our business is strong. Can you relate? Are you finding that as this year progresses, 'who' you are is perhaps becoming more stripped back, raw and therefore, more 'genuine' than ever before?...

2017 is rapidly advancing. And more so than in 2016, this year you are being called to take action steps that can be quite confronting at first. Why? Well, they are asking you to step outside of yourself to view the bigger picture that your life is forming. Are you doing this? Are you allowing yourself to rise above and see a futuristic and broader vision for your life?

For the month of May 2017 is special indeed. From a planetary perspective we will be experiencing starry alignments that will trigger a deeper wave of inner cosmic consciousness.

People will be reaching for an understanding of who they are and what their purpose is and for this, let's be grateful. The more that we can set aside some time each day to devote to our spiritual connection and advancement, whether that be through meditation, healing, reading, being in nature, writing, laughing or simply musing upon life, the easier it becomes for others to do the same. 

So this week on my blog, I thought it apt to share with you an excerpt from my latest April 28 - May 4, 2017 Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast...

" May begins under some very special cosmic energy. A rare ‘cosmic kite’ formation hovers overhead, which is an auspicious way to herald in the new month. Just imagine a giant kite is formed by alignments of the planets.

This energy beams to us the ‘bigger picture’ of our life. If ever you needed to rise up and see your life from a broader perspective, then know that it is easier to do so right now. May is a month where we will more fully develop our psychic skills and importantly our spiritual confidence and therefore, knowing.

This is a month that cosmically asks us to expand by looking into the deeper and more esoteric side of life. You may well find that you pick up books on spiritual topics, and that you have a thirst for ancient healing wisdom and insights.

We are energetically lit up as the month begins with all of the possibilities for our soul’s path on display. Remember that you are a divine soul expressing through human form. Your life is like an artwork that is self-created each day.

As May begins, know that the cosmos has your hand and is urging you onto the stage of your life. You are never alone; support is all around and within you. "

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© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved | Deltawaves

Posted on April 27, 2017 .