Professionalism in The New Age Industry

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My Dear Community,

I'm often asked for my insider information and secrets on how to create a successful career and/or business (that also experiences longevity) within 'The New Age or Self-Development' Industry. It's a topic dear to my heart too, so I thought that with Saturn now moving Retrograde, giving rise to our annual 'life purpose' overhaul, what better time to share with you some of my TOP-TIPS for cultivating professionalism within The New Age industry... 

  • Consistency - If you are considering entering The New Age industry, then do so, just as you would if you were entering any industry that supports millions of enquiring souls worldwide. I have found that staying true to who you are of utmost importance. It can be way too easy to go along with trends and to change your style dependent upon what you think others expect of you. If you practice what 'you love' and what 'you would use' on a daily basis, then you can't go wrong. Being consistent to your message and energy will create a strong bond with you and your audience, for it builds reliability, trust and integrity.
  • Be Organic - Sometimes we begin our professional path thinking we have our direction all laid out. Then circumstances arise that can change how we approach our work and what best suits what we offer others. I have learned that remaining flexible and open to change, allowing yourself to 'organically grow' is a formula for longevity and success. Now this doesn't mean that you have to stray from what you are good at and what you love. Instead, 'being organic' allows you to upgrade your offerings to best suit the current spiritual needs of yourself and your eager audience.
  • Create Your Niche - Knowing 'who you are and where you fit' within The New Age industry is often tricky for some people. But, it doesn't have to be. I suggest that No.1... you please yourself in your work and therefore, in what you offer to others. Trying to be like everyone else will not serve your higher purpose or that of others. Have the courage to share your unique views and your unique energy. Staying consistent in your approach will also naturally carve out your special niche.
  • Keep Your Energy Tight - You may have often heard me applaud the energy of 'secrecy'. Too often we can give away our energy (and power) way too soon,  before it has had time to take root and prove it's validity. When coming up with new ideas and concepts for your work, sit with them for a while before you launch and before you let the world in on your latest offerings. Keeping your energy personal and tight truly can build up a strong energy field, so that when you do decide to share your plans with your audience, you are assured a healthy acceptance.
  • Value Yourself and Your Work - This is a very important point. If you don't believe in yourself and the value of what you offer and present in your work, then how can anyone else? One of the best ways to know how you are helping others through your work in The New Age industry is to 'ask'. Ask for feedback from clients and your audience. Ask for testimonials, so that you hear directly from those you are assisting about the value of what you offer. Then ensure that in business and your livelihood you ask for the remuneration that befits the level of service and value that you 'know' offer. Remember also, that the more consistent experience you gain over many years, the greater your value becomes.
  • Be Professional - Above all, I advise that you approach everything you do, say and touch with an air of professionalism. Ask questions of all those you have dealings with to ensure that your core values are in alignment. Choose who you partner with carefully and do your best to present yourself in your best light and walk your talk in your personal life on a daily basis. This is an essential! Personal integrity is everything in The New Age industry, as the energy you emit is so readily felt.

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Posted on April 6, 2017 .