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Dear Cosmic Community,

For many people, overcoming the often traumatic experiences of childhood and beyond, (involving our closest family members) can be one of the most challenging and frustrating issues to heal and move past, once one is on their spiritual path.

If you have ever wondered how to reconcile what has happened to you, what you have been involved with and how to forgive and release yourself and others, then read on, as I share practical insights to help you move past family guilt...

  • Family ties are often the strongest because we share physical energy with one another. Particularly those ties to mother, father, daughter, son, sister and brother. With these bonds, we share genetic tendencies and also have the challenge of looking like one another, which can often be difficult to accept, particularly if we are trying to create our own individual life path.
  • Close family members often reincarnate with one another in order to heal past life experiences and teach one another about love , self-empowerment and acceptance. Therefore, bonds can last lifetimes if we choose not to face and work through what we dislike or find disturbing in one another. Likewise, our like positive traits need to be recognised and celebrated.
  • Perhaps you need to remove yourself from the energy of your family (for some time) in order to gain a fresh perspective on who you are and to help you move forward, cultivating your unique path? Now, this doesn't mean that you need to cut off all contact, but you may need to step back a little, so that family members all get space to learn who they are, gain appreciation for one another and to stand on their own two feet.
  • Sometimes you will need to face your part in family guilt and/or shame. What are you not admitting about your behaviour? How have you contributed to the situation you find yourself in? Likewise, focus on forgiving yourself for not acting differently in the past or for your past actions ,which you may now judge as wrong or dis-empowered.
  • It's important that you be honest with yourself first and foremost. If you need to address family members and speak your truth, then follow your gut instinct. Sometimes it is the honest speaking that releases us from the past and allows healing to occur. Keep in mind, that not everyone will want to hear your truth. So gauge for yourself, how far you need to go in letting others know how you feel.
  • Consider that any guilt or shame you carry can be dissipated, as you create a life of meaning and reward each day. In other words, actively work on staying positive about who you are and what you are capable of, off your own esteem. Sitting or wallowing in hurt or sadness for extended periods, only serves to concentrate the potential negative energy you may feel towards family members and yourself. 

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© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved | Deltawaves

Posted on May 18, 2017 .