DIVINE TIMING...It's all in the Cosmic Buffet!

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Dear Cosmic Community,

Have you ever wondered why it is that you can do your very best and apply your most concerted efforts (to bring about your desires) and yet they often seem to take their own time in coming about? It's like there is a universal force at play, orchestrating the events in our life from a higher, more well-rounded perspective. What if those universal forces were actually working at your command and in your favour? What if you knew that it's your 'choices' which trigger divine timing? And that we're choosing from a never-ending 'cosmic buffet' of experiences to learn through...



  • Just expand your mind and imagine that everything you need and desire in life is actually laid out before you, just like a cosmic buffet.
  • Everyone's cosmic buffet is different dependent upon their imagination and how they view life.
  • For some, the cosmic buffet is full of rich and vibrant choices, for others it could be more sedate and calm.
  • Yet for everyone, this buffet of choice which nourishes and supports us through life is eternal.
  • Now in order for your cosmic buffet of choice to keep being replenished and kept fresh you need to USE and CONSUME what is on offer to you. So for example, say your choice from the buffet is that you want to work for yourself. That's a selection you are choosing and to make this happen you need to act on your idea. You need to create the framework to build your desire with your actions and then take opportunities that the universe serves up to you. The more you can do this, the more choice seemingly becomes available.
  • Now if you sit back and refuse to nourish yourself with what is offered in the way of choice and opportunity, then your cosmic buffet (whilst still being laid) could seem stale and old. The more you use what you are given, the more powerful life becomes for you.
  • Which brings us to 'Divine Timing'. In my experience, as we partake of the cosmic buffet we work with the universe and can feel when it is time to move or pull back with our choices. It's a sense we get in our body and a feeling that the timing is working out 'for a reason'.
  • Have you ever had this happen to you? Even though you may push ahead with an important project, circumstances delay it and you may wonder why? Then you discover down the track that those delays were actually perfectly timed, because they brought you an even better solution than the one you had originally envisaged. The universe worked with you (as a team) and together you both created 'divine timing'. Special isn't it!...
  • So remember that the universe is always giving to you. We are all equally worthy and we are all equally offered what we need to succeed in life. It's up to us how we choose to see and use what is laid on our cosmic buffet...

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© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved | Deltawaves elizabethperu.com

Posted on May 25, 2017 .