When should I...Walk Away?

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My Dear Community,

Now that we are into the flow of May, can you feel how the energy has turned? May is a month where 'cosmically' the planets are assisting us to delve deeper into the esoteric and spiritual aspect of reality. We are feeling a pull towards our core, as the 'bigger vision' for our life comes into full view.

As such, you may find that this month presents you with some quite significant forks in the road. Meaning, you could be reaching a turning point, one where your best choice may be to simply...walk away.

Walking Away
How often do you find yourself pushing and pushing, only to wind up feeling depleted and perhaps carrying the burden of what was not yours to carry in the first place?

From an energy stand point, there are times in our life where we need to discern what is our responsibility and what belongs to another.

How do you do this? Well, it's quite simple. Your business is YOUR business and the business of others belongs to THEM.

For example, your partner is having a hard time with work. Perhaps their job no longer makes their heart sing, or they feel stilted by the lack of opportunity. Naturally, you want to help them feel better. And, that's good.

Now your options are, that you could ceaselessly worry and carry the burden for them. In which, case they may not grow and learn through their challenges. OR you could, talk to them about the situation from a non-attached viewpoint. Help them see the bigger picture and then WALK AWAY from the issue, meaning let them mull it over and make their own decisions. 

Walking away from energy situations that are not yours to own simply means turning over your trust in the higher, universal power. When you do this, everyone wins, for free will flows and you grow in maturity.

Here is an excerpt from my latest May 5 - 11, 2017 Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast...

" This week The Sun joins in with the Moon and creates a ‘nexus point’. What this means is that we could come to a fork in the road where our decisions decide the next step in our personal evolution. Therefore, it is important that you carefully consider the bigger picture, as you venture forth into what may seem like the unknown this week.

Actually soul knows exactly where it is taking you. You are being pulled toward the path of your heart’s deepest desires. Sometimes it may seem that our personal dreams are not in alignment with those of our family, friends or partners.

Whilst this may be the way it seems on the outside, I urge you to have faith that when you do follow the signs and take the advantageous opportunities that come your way, you will be in alignment with those who are MEANT to be on your path. "


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© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved | Deltawaves elizabethperu.com

Posted on May 4, 2017 .