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Dear Cosmic Community,

Over the past three months, my mind has been consistently drawn to Switzerland. I’ve been wondering why I keep thinking about this beautiful country that I’ve visited in the past, but not for some years. Switzerland keeps popping up on my technology feeds and people in our community who live there, keep reaching out to me. So, I wondered? And then, this week when I awoke from my sleep, I heard quite vividly, to look back into CERN and what’s going on with the large Hadron Collider. So, I did and the correlations to what is happening to us ‘energetically’ worldwide are startling…

I remember on a Wednesday night (September 10) back in 2008 leading my weekly Energy Booster Group and having us all focus deeply, as this was the day that the large hadron collider LHC (particle accelerator) was to be turned on in Switzerland. I was saying how this was a significant day for the world, as no one quite knew what this experiment would do to us and the acceleration of consciousness.

The large hadron collider was built to find the ‘god particle - the higgs boson’ – meaning an elusive particle that gives mass to matter. Imagine being able to harness the science of creation. Right now, we as souls, have direct access to do this - naturally. We have a thought and it becomes a thing. But, just how that thought gets transferred from the invisible ethers into physical (materiality) is what is elusive. The LHC smashes particles together at lightning speeds in the hopes of re-creating black holes and even finding parallel universes. I find that VERY interesting, as I was just saying this week that we’ve been jumping into parallel universes over the past 7-days due to the changeover in years from 2018 into 2019

The LHC had been turned on for over 10 years now, with a break from 2013 to 2015. Then on December 3, 2018 it was turned off again for ‘upgrades’. It comes back online in 2021

DECEMBER 3, 2018
Cast your mind back to early December 2018. This is what I said on December 3, 2018 in The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast “You could  be finding that there’s a significant ‘shift’ of your focus and drive, now that December is underway. Soul is being deeply activated by a rush of energy coming from the Sun. You could literally feel fired up from within and your creative juices are flowing. Consider what you’ve been meaning to move on, but just haven’t had the drive or motivation for. This energy period helps us to make progress. Use this cosmic vibration to your advantage. Soul is leading you to an empowered destiny. Follow wholeheartedly”.

In early December, many of us had huge wake-up calls and considerable shifts in direction. Can you relate? New beginnings were amplified, as we prepared to close down the 11 Master Year and open up a lighter, freer energy in 2019. Yet, the lighter energy has been a while in coming through this year. We began the New Year upbeat and in the flow, then the eclipses and Super Moons came in, accelerating our growth at lightning speed. Since late January, we’ve been in a void of sorts. We’ve been finding our way through a dense energy, that I reported on in my last blog post

After I wrote my blog post about the latest energy this week, Switzerland still kept calling to me and this is when I found out about the LHC shutdown. Immediately I sensed a link with this decrease in acceleration of matter with our catapulting into an energy void. I believe that what is happening at CERN in Switzerland goes far deeper than science can or will explain. We know that highly attuned and sensitive souls of the light (as so many are in our global community) sync up with these energy experiments. In 2010, I started using the word ‘acceleration’ in all of my healing sessions, as I felt our consciousness speeding up.  

What I feel the LHC and other accelerators like it do, is whip up OLD energy from beyond time and space. They help us bring the hidden knowledge of our ancient past to light and back into our awareness. Which is why you may have noticed that really OLD matters have come back to the fore in your life and are aching to be heard seen, assimilated, released and moved on from. Yes?

Since the LHC was tuned off, I feel that we’re in a more natural state now on Earth. We can more easily go back into our past, sort through it and evolve because of it. Relationships in particular are becoming enlightened and healed through this process.

Back in June, 2018 I wrote a blog post about 2020 and The Aquarian Age I said that this era would be the dawn of the light bringer, as we wrap up old Earthly energy.

Here’s a direct quote, “And so, we’re experiencing a lead-in where we're WRAPPING up heavy old Earthly energy and patterns, that we've been dealing with for decades and/or centuries in some cases. From now until late 2020 it may seem that we have to face many personal challenges, but we can and we will. Each of us has something we've been carrying around for many years, and the universe now asks us to work through it, so we can enter 2020 unencumbered and full of optimism and light.”

2019 is the 3-Universal Year. I suspect you’ve been seeing a lot of 3’s recently, especially in sequence. The energy of 3 breaks apart rigidity and form (much like the LHC does) and asks us to become expressive and free. Yet, on the other hand it can cause too many options and a general confusion in direction. I feel this is happening for many.

So, I urge you to become CREATIVE in 2019. In order to anchor ourselves and bring through our best work, love and joy we need to find a personally satisfying creative focus right through into 2020. Soul is accelerating our human evolution (and we have no LHC particle accelerating interfering with this ascension process until 2021).

More than ever, the cycles of the planets and stars, our cosmic home are calling to us. You may have already noticed that you HAVE TO BE outside in nature. Are you finding that the energy inside of your home is seeming flat and that your thirst for a deeper connection with spirit and others - is HIGH.

When we follow planetary cycles, we see the same cycles reflected in our lives. It gives us a core, a pivot point with which to feel supported whilst traversing human life. Indeed, in 2019, some routine is needed each day in order to feel safe and supported by life. We’ll be throwing caution to the wind this year, so order IS called for.

I suggest that when you listen to and/or read my daily energy forecasts and life guide that you decide how you can apply the cosmic forces to your best advantage each day and then - DO IT.

Together, we can accelerate our lives into a flow of satisfaction and meaning, at a rate that we’re happy with. I’ll be continuing this conversation with us over the coming weeks.

Life has an incredible spiritual depth in 2019. I LOVE what is taking place for humanity. Let’s LEAD…

Elizabeth x

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