3 EASY WAYS to 'Transmute'... Anger, Jealousy & Resentment

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Dear Cosmic Community,

Ever since the recent Eclipses and run of Super Moons, our internal energy has been stirred, causing old emotions and feelings to rise to the surface to be cleansed and TRANSMUTED.

For many people 'transmutation' (the turning of one element into another) can often be a painful process. Yet, it doesn't have to be.

There are some aspects of our past and personality that can feel like an 'old friend'. Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye to these aspects, even when we know that cutting ties would be the best for our highest good and continued evolution and personal growth.

Instead, we can become attached to these aspects and using them (oddly) brings us comfort and power at the time, which eventually turns to self-loathing and sadness soon after.

SO..how can you 'transmute' 3 often 'negative' aspects of the personality - ANGER, JEALOUSY & RESENTMENT into their positive counterpart - in an easy way?



Firstly, feeling and acknowledging anger can sometimes be the best thing for you, particularly if you've bottled up deep anger for a long time and simply need to let it out and express. It's when anger eats away at us (over the long term) that it becomes a negative in our life.

When you feel anger rise, NOTICE IT. Don't stuff it back down or fight away the tears. Acknowledge (to yourself) what you're feeling.

2. ASK IT.
Now, ask yourself, "Why am I so angry?" Notice the first words that come to you and write them down. Look at those words and see if they are valid in any way.

Lastly (and this is the best part) you're going to work this anger out of your body. Immediately move away from what you're doing. Change your scene. Literally go for a walk or stand outside and listen to the sounds all around you. Shift your frequency and watch your anger dissipate.



In 2018, the 11 Master Year, each of us are being asked to extend into our fullest potential, as we step up to the plate of life. This is causing many people to judge and/or compare themselves with others. Have you noticed? Comparison can lead to the creation of feelings of inadequacy, which can then lead to jealousy. Jealousy is a low level vibration that pulls us down, into a dense consciousness, which is damaging to one's life path. It keeps us stuck and alienates us from that which we actually do wish to create more of - our own success, by being on purpose.

Become aware the moment that you can sense a bubbling up of 'ill feelings' towards someone else for their (seeming) good fortune or success. You'll feel a tightness in your stomach, like a knot and thoughts of, "He or she doesn't deserve that", may come instantly to mind.

2. ASK IT.
When this occurs, ask yourself, "Why am I feeling jealous?" Listen to the lengthy inner chatter that you may hear. Write down your responses. Look at those responses and then decide if they are actually true or not.

Now, turn the energy around. rather than using all of your precious life force in feeling badly towards someone else who is achieving what you wish you were achieving. Instead you can do something RIGHT NOW to better yourself and to make your desires come true. Shift your focus away from others and what you feel you don't have and move it fully onto what you do have. Feel and imagine that you're living your contented life right now. Totally immerse into it.


If your feelings of anger and jealousy are left to linger and build up over repetitive use, then they can turn into a deeper negative energy, known as resentment. When we resent someone or something, we're sending all of our life force towards it in a way that is meant to harm, which will boomerang back to us at an accelerated pace. In other words, we will feel the pain of emptiness, loss and lack that resentment represents.

As soon as you notice yourself harboring feelings of vindictiveness or revenge, aimed at someone or something - immediately STOP. Recognize where you're placing your efforts and what this energy build-up feels like. It may be very painful and your temperature could heat up. Stay here for a moment, really feel it.

2. ASK IT.
Now, ask yourself, "Why am I feeling resentment?" Write down what your inner voice tells you. Write down all the scenarios and look at them. Can you see a pattern forming? Can you see that your resentment toward another is actually your own feelings of superiority or inadequacy?

Have you simply been trying to assert yourself with another, perhaps because you want them to appreciate you? Decide right now, that YOU do appreciate you. This is all that matters. Then go about living your life in full appreciation of who you are and what you do. Do it now!

I trust that these simple steps can assist you on the road to personal liberation, freedom and mastery of your energy. Let me know how you go. I look your feedback...

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