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Dear Cosmic Community,

In recent weeks, I've noticed an increase in the number of questions I've been receiving related to dimensional frequency shifts, particularly surrounding the fifth dimension, or what is known as 5D. With the growing shift in consciousness, as we lead into 2020, it's part of the spiritual landscape that we raise our attention to matters beyond the physical.

What is 5D?
I can remember back in the early 2000's, all the talk about the importance of ascension and reaching the fifth dimension. I would meet people (many of them teachers) who would tell me that they were already living in the fifth, seventh or even eleventh dimension and I would step back, ponder and and think...hmm. Why I questioned their claims is because I could see that these people still had very human (3D) issues they were dealing with, in particular physical illness and/or pain, money issues, relationship woes and personality constraints.

The dimensions
So, as I always do, I sunk into my 'tutor within', my heart and I asked 'soul',  "What really is 5D?" As my visions and answers began to roll, the first point raised is that there is a 5D frequency which overlaps (interlaces) with Earth right now, as do multiple dimensional frequencies. In most people's waking consciousness they are embedded within the third dimension and live in a 3D world.

3D sees us solely focused on the physical, with our body being a major influencer. Most people live with a 3D consciousness. Living from a purely 3D perspective (which operates within duality or a dimension of opposites), survival, sexuality, personality, fear, competition, lack and jealousy are key drivers. We're often in a state of worry or concern for what we do or do not have. To move beyond 3D, we need to raise our consciousness and invoke the spiritual dimension.

A comprehension of the fourth dimension or 4D, usually breaks through when we have a life challenge or crisis and receive our 'wake-up call'. The ancients offered referred to us, as 'sleepers' or those who 'sleep walk', if we live entirely from a 3D perspective. Living from a 4D perspective, means that you still physically live in 3D and are aware of and working with all that it entails, but you are also focused on love, sharing, service, compassion, the power of the soul and mind and the ability to attract and create what it is you desire. Your psychic skills are vastly stronger with a 4D level of consciousness. You can sense what will happen before it does and intuition also amps up. Living in a 3D world, with 4D consciousness is the norm for most people who are now on a conscious spiritual - holistic path.


Then we come to the fifth dimension, or 5D. There are hundreds of thousands of people living with this level of awareness now on Earth. I see it rising daily. When we've lifted our consciousness to the 5D level, we truly have a deep compassion for all living beings. At this level most people are vegetarian, if not vegan. It would be extremely difficult for someone living in 5D to eat their brother and sister souls in animal bodies. From the 5D perspective we base most of our decisions on what soul governs. I say 'most' because you will still make personality (head) based decisions because you are still firmly living within a 3D world and must interact with people and organizations on all levels in your daily life.

When your awareness is operating in 5D, a lot of the 3D world becomes almost 'invisible' to you. You may literally not see other people, who are operating on a purely 3D level. The number of times I've literally walked right past people I know and have not 'seen' them is substantial. Likewise, these people might not see you either. It's why so many relationships shift and change once our awareness levels rise. You'll also find that what used to bother you about the 3D world becomes less of your focus, as instead, you are firmly focused on leading your best life so that you can uplift the planet and all those you come into contact with. It's like you're on a 'mission' when you operate from 5D. You're dedicated, self-responsible and ready to serve the whole.

So, are we there yet?
Well, from what I've said, perhaps you've already worked this one out. Each of us is already walking between dimensions in our every day life. It's just that some people who are dedicated to becoming aware citizens, raising their consciousness, walk more knowingly between these dimensions, than others do. As you learn more about your soulful origins, you will automatically begin to raise your awareness and contact these higher dimensional states. So, "Yes", many of us are already operating out of 5D, whilst living our normal 3D lives. There are of course many dimensions beyond 5D, and yes, some people operate out of these and are also firmly grounded here on Earth.

In short, know that just because you are aware of higher dimensions and living with this awareness, it doesn't mean that you leave your body and Earth and not deal with all of the normal 3D issues which arise. You still do! It means that you become a more conscious cosmic citizen and can cope with the 3D world on a wiser level and that truly is good for all of us...

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