Ancient Planetary Forecasts...The Origins of The Tip-Off

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My Dear Community,

I often used to wonder why I have such a passion for the planets and stars and where the innate connection that I feel stems from. For all of my life I have looked up and wondered about our place in the universe and I have pondered how the planetary patterns affect our lives. Perhaps you have done the same?

I also hold a deep love and reverence for ancient Egypt. This has been with me ever since I can remember. And to this day, whenever I see a documentary or an image of ancient Egypt, I light up from within, as though soul remembers a time and a place very dear and enlivening to my heart.

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians were great followers of planetary patterns? That this was a great civilisation who considered the 'art of astrology' to be something very different to what we know of as 'modern day astrology'...

I've always found it interesting that I love planetary patterns and cycles and their influences upon our lives, but I could never bring myself to formally study astrology.  I find formal astrology very 'mental' in its approach to interpreting energy patterns caused by planetary alignments. For me, charts are often way too left brained and analytical, exacting in their approach, whereas my natural instinct is to intuit, experience and feel how planetary energy affects us. Well, it turns out, that the ancient Egyptians were of much the same mind.

The ancient Egyptians were specialists at 'predicting planetary shifts' particularly in relation to cycles and patterns of nature. Did you know that the pharaohs would have their priests prepare energy forecasts for them? This was so that royalty had at their disposal a plan (in advance) of auspicious days around which to plan important events. Only royalty would be privy to this energy forecasting information, seeing it as a direct link between them and the divine. They would use this regular energy guidance to steer and mold their great civilisations onto the path of increasing abundance and fecundity.

The temple priests would carefully observe the annual events of eclipses, solstices, equinoxes, moon cycles and the like and from this, they would gain invaluable and exclusive insight into opportune days to recommend for events, discussions, peace, wars, travel, negotiations, festivals etc. They would know when the favourable and unfavourable days were coming up, providing this information to the Pharaoh, so that they had great advantage over the common person and other rival civilisations.

On a deeper level, the priesthood also understood that a harmony existed between the patterns of 'above' with those of 'below'. They knew that we were influenced by the planetary energetics and placed great importance upon respecting the cycles which influence our lives. Therefore, the Pharaohs were seen as the guardians of 'cosmic knowledge'. It was their role to responsibly use their insider planetary forecasting information to accelerate and maintain the cosmic consciousness upon Earth.

Each week when I write The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast I feel a great connection with the planetary forces building up within me. I feel electrically charged and empowered in the knowledge that I will be passing this information onto you. Unlike ancient times, energy forecasting is no longer reserved just for royalty. Back in the old days, those in power didn't want the everyday person to have information which would see them rise in stature. For once we are aware (ahead of time) of auspicious or unfavourable energy, then we can make wise choices in how we live and conduct our life. Yes?

Isn't it fantastic that consciousness has now elevated to a high enough level on Earth that cosmic knowledge can be taken up by anyone who cares to seek it out. I'm passionate to share with you my expertise as a global energy forecaster each week in The Tip-Off Forecast. It does just as it says it will, it 'tips you off' on the upcoming planetary influences and their effects upon your life. So that you, like the ancient Pharaohs before you, can use this information to gain an insider edge on your life.

It's no longer only royalty that have planetary forecasts at their disposal. Now too, do we..

Elizabeth xx


Learn about Elizabeth and her work. She has been authoring The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast the globe's favorite 7-day ahead energy and life guidance forecast, since 2003.

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