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Dear Cosmic Community,

Have you ever had the feeling that you're not from Earth? Perhaps you look up to the stars at night and feel more at home within the cosmos than you do in your human life? If so, far from being an exception, you are quite within the norm of people who have woken up to their spiritual reality.  For many of us have memories of past lives led on different worlds and within different dimensions to the physical. Feeling like a child of the stars is natural and once we open up to this, it can enhance and enrich our current human experience...

Are You A Star Child?

I've put together a simple list of traits that people who identify with the stars often display. If you answer, "Yes" to any of the below, then I suggest that you look a little deeper into your spiritual origins...

  • You are fascinated by astrology and the energy of the planets and stars.

  • You are always aware of Moon cycles, eclipses and you follow planetary alignments.

  • You get excited when looking at stars and often dream of flying throughout space.

  • You love crystals and either wear them or have around your home and/or office.

  • You like being on your own and can find it difficult to be in large crowds.

  • You channel through messages from other dimensions and may speak a light language.

  • You enjoy movies/books/documentaries about ancient technology and star travel.

  • You may have been attracted to science fiction as a child and/or still are as an adult.

  • You have a sensitive energy system and feel inclined to be vegetarian/vegan.

  • You see the soul in every being and yearn that all beings are accepted and treated equally.

  • You may have large eyes that sparkle and others may have difficulty looking you in the eye.

  • You have an natural leaning towards numbers, music, art and creative pursuits.

  • You often drift off in deep contemplation and are happiest at the ocean or amongst nature.

  • You are a natural healer using sound and colour (vibration) as a key healing tool.

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© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved | Deltawaves