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Dear Cosmic Community,

The past 7-days have been unlike any OTHER, so far in 2019, perhaps even in the last 12 months. I want to get these cosmic messages out far and wide, to as many souls as possible. There is a great change taking place within us all, which is moving us to a whole new version of ourselves.


Since early last week, you may have noticed that the SOUNDS all around you have been denser and extremely close. Yes? It’s like we’ve been surrounded in a great cosmic sound chamber and it’s as though all we can hear (intrinsically) is our own breathing, our own heartbeat, our own footsteps ~ our own consciousness.

Perhaps your head has felt like it’s been wrapped up and padded, like you’re wearing a helmet of sorts? We’ve been energetically re-engineering complete new versions of ourselves. That’s why you may have felt like being in your own space, wanting to reach out and connect with others and yet feeling that you need to sit with this great morphing of energy going on within you.

As 2018 concluded (the 11 Master Year), great optimism and lightness was felt by so many in our community. We welcomed in the 3-Universal Year with no planetary retrogrades and the first eclipse season of 2019. It was the second of these eclipses, the Total Lunar Eclipse on January 20/21 which was a Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, that created a cosmic portal. This portal served to connect souls who are already operating on Earth on a fifth dimensional consciousness (that’s most people in our community) with a new level plane of all-possibility.

You would have felt the great need to break free of constraints, to be free and unencumbered by rules and regulations. The great urge to be here and now, creating awareness of your presence and watching time evaporate, as the lag between thought and reality ~ simply vanished. Are you with me so far?

In short, we needed this to happen if we’re to continue into 2019 and more importantly into 2020 (the Aquarian age) as authentic truth bringers. 

This Tuesday/Wednesday depending on where you live in the world will be another Super Full Moon - the LARGEST of 2019. Have you seen it forming? At this cosmic event, we will be out of the sound chamber, which opened up at last month’s Super Moon Eclipse. We’ll be propelled into a new life - a parallel life which has been waiting for us to jump into since 2019 began.  

Imagine that your life has shifted gears, like a train being directed to change tracks. You were heading in one direction, but now it could feel that you’re going completely in a different direction. Can you relate? I liken this to the parallel lives theory, where different versions of you (all possibilities) are happening at once. We simply choose which version and dimensional frequency to operate under. How do we choose? By our will. By our desire to experience joy, unity and the higher level operating plane on planet Earth. If you’ve been wanting a better life, one with meaning and fulfilment, you’ll hear me on this one. You’ll be changing tracks.

All I keep hearing is that we’ve moved to the realm of possibilities that is the 7th dimension. And this is a real space (just look into superstring theory). This is a space that you can operate under whilst living your everyday life. How? By simply accepting that time has evaporated. You exist within timelessness and that you can change any outcome by focusing back to the original cause and re-imagine it differently, from inception to conclusion. In other words, when you operate on 7D nothing is set in stone. You have the power to change all outcomes. Are you seeing this already?

The other aspect of 7D is the deep level of connectedness with fellow souls of the light. We want to reach out and be in unity. There is an increased sensitivity to light and FREEDOM of EXPRESSION is a thirst, a top priority. You find ways around everything. You find the solutions easily by smashing paradigms with your new-found actions.

Over the last 8 years, I’ve been speaking about the NEW HUMANS developing on Earth. Others have spoken about this too and many felt that this meant a fusion of humanity and AI. I never felt that this was the fusion taking place. I felt that it was a more deeply spiritual human and now I see why. The New Human is the one that treats all other sentient beings with compassion as the unifying thread - it’s what we’re morphing into now. 

This week’s SUPER FULL MOON, will bring with it a swift change. Winds will pick up globally, we’ll be out of the sound chamber and into a new sphere of creating. We then have until next month’s final Super Full Moon of 2019 (on March 20/21 at Equinox) to see the results of the new life we’re forming.

MARCH 20, 2019 sees a spectacular Cosmic Kite Trapezium geometry form in our skies, the likes of which I have not seen before. I will reveal more on this soon.

WOW…I’m loving that I can report this significant movement to you all.

Follow my daily energy forecasts for navigating this special moment in history. Let me know how you relate to this, your questions and please share far and wide. Let’s get this powerful information out there. It can help many. I love you

Elizabeth x

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