Calling All COSMIC Beings: YES, That's YOU!

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Dear Cosmic Community,
We’re currently experiencing a great upshift of consciousness on Earth. This is a global movement of energy that hasn’t come about suddenly. Indeed, it’s been building for the last two hundred years and has massively accelerated since 2011. Just over a month ago, in early June 2019, Earth began a new cycle - a New Earth cycle.

Hundreds of thousands of souls who had already woken up to their spiritual and cosmic reality over the last few decades were called upon to shift our planet ahead. In particular, those souls born on Earth between the 1960’s to the late 1980’s have been the light bearing, warrior souls, leading this charge ahead.

The fifth dimensional reality (5D) on Earth has finally become an everyday reality. Living 5D is no longer a far off dream. It’s here for us all and as a conscious soul of the light YOU…are being called…


What is a ‘Cosmic Being’?
When you have an understanding and are experiencing that you are more than just a physical presence and that your thoughts, desires and feelings are creating your reality - you enter the realm of present moment awareness. You understand that you’re a vibrant, ethereal spirit who is not confined within the body on Earth, but is instead an eternal traveller of light, whose home is within the greater universe beyond time and space. You indeed, are a ‘cosmic being’ living here on Earth. Indeed, Earth is a cosmic being too!

In my book Cosmic Messengers I speak about ‘cosmic awareness’, in chapter seven. Here’s an excerpt…

’As we come into a higher awareness that Earth is cosmic, let’s consider that we’re cosmic too. A cosmic citizen is someone who is aware that dimensions exist and who takes responsibility for their energy and the influence they have upon the universal tone. As cosmic citizens we’re not confined to Earth’s plane. We’re eternal travellers, spiritual beings who can project our energy wherever we wish’.

The Current Energy on Earth - Mid 2019 - The 5D New Earth
As Cosmic Beings and humans, we’ve now reached a tipping point on Earth. It actually happened earlier on in 2019, but the reality of what we’ve been desiring and creating has only just bedded in during June 2019. I spoke about this in length with my Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast Community in both February and again in June 2019. We’re now creating life under a 5D energy template overlaid upon Earth’s base level 3D frequency.

This means that manifestation has quickened, as what we desire (for good or bad) comes to us with great force. And our need to be personally responsible has risen greatly, as there’s no longer any hiding what we’re truly thinking or desiring. Everyone you send your energy to, will know about it and vice - versa.

How do I know if I’m being called to assist?
In particular, I’ve found that those souls born into human lives during the 1960’s right up to the end of the 1980’s are being called to action - NOW. This doesn’t mean that they’re the only ones being activated to assist, but because many of them are now in their 40’s and 50’s - they’re reaching spiritual adulthood and hence, can effect great quantum change on our planet - as turned on leaders of the light.

If you’re feeling a dissatisfaction with your current life path and just know (deep within) that you’re here for something better, or for more than what you’re currently involved with (and you’ve been searching for meaning) then YES, you are being called - by soul , by YOU and by the hundreds of thousands of other souls on our planet working to make Earth a more enlightened, enjoyable, uplifting and responsible place to live.


  • It’s important not ignore, but to acknowledge any deep feelings that arise within you. Your intuition IS the language of soul, so honour it - particularly about your current life path

  • When we create in 5D, we go within to contemplate before we take actions. We ensure that we’re authentic and in our integrity because we know that what we put our focus into will come about - quickly and with power

  • You’ll need to be as transparent as possible for all of the energy, thoughts and actions you put out into the universe. If not, karmic patterns will return to you immediately to be dealt with. This process is actually liberating when you get into the practice of being honest with yourself first and foremost. When you’re honest within yourself, you’ll rarely put out any negativity

  • If you feel the call to awaken others about the spiritual path and cosmic consciousness then follow your individual call. Lead by example. You are the role model and will serve as an inspiration to us all

  • You can change the world by embodying what it is to live in 5D style - yourself. Others will look to you and follow your lead. This is where most awakened people are needed to step up and blaze a trail for others to be sparked from

  • Do your best to integrate your spiritual awareness into your everyday 3D life. 3D is still here, just with 5D creating a higher awareness through it

  • Make conscious choices for our planet and how you conduct yourself within your local environment

  • We need more people meditating each day. Be one of these people who has a regular cosmic consciousness connection

  • Follow and be aware of the current cosmic energy influences so that you know what your body is moving through, what opportunities and challenges are about for soul’s growth and what most other people will be experiencing. Awareness of ALL overlapping realities is key

  • Take excellent care of your physical body with nutrition, self-care and daily exercise. You’ll need to be fit and strong to carry the 5D energy charge effectively. I find that stretching, cardio and weight bearing exercise are all excellent. Indeed, I now work out twice a day since The New Earth template came in. It’s not hard to fit in, when you wake up early and plan your day. ahead

  • Keep your feet both firmly planted in 3D energy as well as 5D. Try not to turn away from the everyday. We need to see people who are real, grounded, practical and totally connected to spirit - to serve as the best role models for all

I trust that this blog post has given you clarity and inspiration and that you’re answering your call. Let me know in comments how you’re travelling and what else you’d like to know abut 5D

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Elizabeth x

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