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Dear Cosmic Community,
If you’ve been keeping a track of Earth’s energy waves over the past 2-4 years, you would have noticed a pronounced spike in the volume of the female voice - and how it’s steadily rising - globally. The feminine voice and energy is being heard in great numbers and more importantly, is being taken notice of.

Now, those in the know cosmically, have expected the feminine energy to rise on Earth, given the astrological signs pointing to great shifts in our solar system - particularly with the new age of Aquarius set to begin in late 2020

Over many thousands of years, the feminine energy has been suppressed, in comparison to the masculine. Yet, ever since the turn of the twentieth century, the female voice and presence has steadily been on the increase, gaining increased momentum (in particular) over the past five years. Indeed, we could put this down to the rise in technology and social media, allowing us to connect and communicate globally like never before. And yes, that is part of what is happening.


2004 & 2012 - THE VENUS TRANSIT
However, there’s even more occurring on an energetic level, which has been influencing the rise of the feminine. Let’s go back to 2004. This was a year that brought in great planetary alignments that signaled a turnover point for equality on Earth. Glance your mind back to 2004 and consider what major life changes and upgrades occurred for you.

In 2004, we saw Venus transiting the Sun something which had not occurred since 1882 and had never been seen and shared on broadcast media. I remember this day well on June 8, the energy was electric and so many of us in the healing arts, knew that witnessing Venus (our great emblem of femininity) crossing the face of our life-giving star (The Sun) meant that the feminine energy was set to be seen heard and most importantly lead the way. There was also another Venus transit in 2012 (the twin to the one in 2004) they occur in pairs, 8 years apart. And there won’t be another Venus transit until 2117.

Also in 2004, we experienced the cosmic superstars of Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all visible (at once) in our night skies - the best showing of five planets (together) in our night skies until 2036. And this also brought in the vibration of ‘5’, which is a feminine tone. It’s the number of the Goddess and also of Venus, the five pointed star. We also saw these rare alignments occur again in 2016 and I wrote about it at the time (calling it the ‘cosmic superstars’) in The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast

So, since 2004, a great cosmic window has opened upon Earth, activating our heart centres - the vessel of soul, via the portal of Venus. It’s also why we’ve seen some huge Earth shifts with flooding, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes and wild fires occurring in increasing numbers. One could say that Earth is feminine and that all cosmic bodies are feminine. For indeed the wholistic, cosmic feminine is a complex mix of all elements.

Earth has felt the energetic cleansing process taking place and has shifted her physicality to match the new higher frequencies slowly permeating the Earth plane. Now, with this new wave of feminine light, souls everywhere on Earth (whether in female or male bodies) have been receiving regular doses of high vibration empathy and compassion. For many, this process has been liberating and for many it’s been the ultimate challenge, causing power struggles between the female and male to play out.

Hence, we’ve seen injustices towards the feminine being revealed on the world stage in a succession and it’s set to escalate. Indeed, it must escalate in accordance with the great balancing of energy taking place on Earth at present. Think of the myriad of sexual exploitation cases coming to the fore, with the #MeToo movement. And it’s happening for both females and males. Look at the escalation in uncovering of abuse cases within religion and the catholic church, for example. Every day in the world’s media, no matter the country, we’re seeing brave women stand up and find their voice and we’re seeing an increase in men supporting the feminine voice. Do we still have a long way to go? Yes, but with Earth’s rapid evolution taking place, we will see equality changes within lifetimes, rather than centuries. We’re all feeling it.

Indeed, the Trump administration in the US has done much for the rise of the feminine, in that it has blatantly thrown a light on the inequality between sexes, races and socio-economic standing - worldwide. And this has all been an outcropping of a rise in consciousness on Earth, a rise that is taking us up to the cosmic level, where we see and live beyond duality and back into unity.

We’re also seeing a global shift towards our animal friends and the consuming of them. I’ve always seen all souls as the same. We can choose different body suits, yet the soul animating the body is a soul, no different to any other. So the souls of animals are the same as humans. When we inflict pain on an animal it is the same as inflicting pain on another human - the same as when we share in love, it’s reciprocated. I love the rise in veganism and conscious lifestyle choices on this planet and see it intricately tied in with our rise in the cosmic feminine. I became a vegetarian (now vegan) back in the mid 1990’s and I credit it for de-toxing me and accelerating my spiritual path and remembrance of my soul purpose.

You would have noticed over the past 5 years or so an increased number of people coming forward as gender morphing. There’s an increase of children coming in who are becoming ‘gender fluid’ as the term is being called and/or desiring to switch genders. We’re also seeing an increase in the (public eye) of men switching gender to be female. Indeed, it’s always been happening out of sight, but now there is greater acceptance of the human’s choice of gender.

Have you considered why this is happening, particularly from the spiritual viewpoint? As Earth develops and ascends in consciousness, our differences will become less and our similarities will increase. This is a process and as it develops it will at first seem that our differences are more pronounced, until the tipping point arises and we instead see each other in the same light. This process of feminine and masculine equality is rapidly accelerating in the early part of the 21st century.

And rather than the feminine simply rising up with the aim of taking over the masculine, what we’re seeing is something altogether different. It’s an embracing of feminine power by females and males. The duality of Earth is morphing on the physical level. A unified Earth is already forming on the etheric levels and many of you reading this Blog Post are involved in the energetic weaving of this new Earth - a higher octave Earth.

Now this higher octave and unified Earth is different to the new Earth like planet I mentioned in my ‘sealed section’ for Tip-Off subscribers - 2019 The Shifting of Earth’s Negativity Belt - What We and The Angelics Had To Do With It.

Indeed, I’m seeing a physical Earth forming on a unified level over the coming decades and I’m so excited to be here during its formation - I’m sure that you are too!

With this morphing Earth, we’re already seeing everyday people rising into their greatness and leading their lives, by example. We’re seeing women and men supporting one another and taking us all up, upon their shoulders. And if you’re not seeing this yet, look more deeply.

We must see past the seeming band of low frequency voices stuck in the old duality on Earth - think those in power (and not in power) who care little for other sentient beings, our environment and human compassion. You’ll encounter them everyday in your work and home life, as their ways will become increasingly uncomfortable to witness. They are stuck in the old duality, but can come out of it with your help.

Keep seeing the bigger picture forming. Do your work each day. Upgrade your life and act like the wise and mature soul that you were destined to be on this planet.

We need you. Your day is here. These are exciting times and indeed, there’s much more to come…

Do let me know how you resonate with this POST and PASS it onto your cosmic friends, using the social share buttons below.

Elizabeth x

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