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Dear Cosmic Community,

Your Cosmic Guide
People often ask me how I became a Cosmic Guide and where my knowledge comes from, particularly in intuiting and practically ‘interpreting’ global energy shifts with consistent accuracy across all time zones and all levels of consciousness.

Indeed, my journey of becoming a learned and trusted spiritual teacher has been a long and rewarding one. I choose to live my life by following a personal and innate code of authenticity. This is a guiding life principle that forms the basis of strong foundations for my healing work and entire life’s path.

A lifetime of spiritual connection
As a child, my conscious connection with soul and my place in the universe was intact and throughout adulthood, it’s been by recognising and most importantly ‘applying’ my born-with skills of empathy, mediumship, creative artistry, imagination, logic and connection to my spiritual source, that my intuitive skills have elevated.

For the past twenty years, I’ve been doing my daily ‘personal’ spiritual work and I continue to. Learning from every lesson, every challenge and every opportunity that I brought to myself. I constantly keep up my spiritual education (first-hand) by travelling to ancient power points across the globe, immersing myself in sources of ignition within nature that connect Earth to the cosmos and that fuel my knowledge to bring through to you. On my travels, I also tap into the local environment, people and indigenous ancestries that connect me with the desires of humanity and their needs - globally.

Dedication to the cosmic path
My process of self-growth indeed ‘escalated’, when I became a full-time healer, guide and self-employed, business owner in 2003. I’m a professional in all that I do and I’ve always carried forward a professional approach to ‘the profession’ of healing. For me, my spiritually based work isn’t a recreational hobby. This is my chosen life path and career and I happily display that it’s an admirable one too. From the moment I decided to step onto the healing path, as a professional, I flowed freely and didn’t hold back in my openness and transparency to all - family, friends, colleagues - all knew and know who I am, what I love and how beneficial, following a spiritually aware life path truly is. Those close in my life are often commenting about my refreshing, optimistic, joyful and deep attitude to the everyday. They often tell me how much better they feel, after they’ve been with or near me, which indeed happens when you’re connected with your source.

I’m constantly dedicated to my own path of higher evolution, at the same time as guiding others to do the same. By applying self-discipline and a deep desire to assist in the evolution of souls and humanity as a whole, I’ve heard my calling and am fully living the ‘teaching’ life path that I know I was intended to experience on Earth, at this time.

Leading by example
I like to lead by example, so I’ll always apply my ideas and insights in my own life first and foremost, before sharing with all. This keeps me grounded, humble about my work and in touch with people everywhere. I’ll often hear our community saying, “How did you know that was happening to me? You must have a camera in my house. It’s spooky, accurate and uncanny.”

Actually there’s nothing spooky about being in the flow of cosmic energy and that’s what I’m in every day and that’s what I pass on to you through my work. When you read or listen to my daily energy forecasts (The Tip-Off) you can feel that they come from a genuine source, as they resonate deep within the heart and even send a tingle up and down the spine, which can be interpreted as a physical sign of truth.

The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast - Genuine Channel
I’ve been writing and publishing The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast every week since 2003. That’s close to 1,000 in-depth weekly and 6,000 daily energy forecasts that I’ve brought through for the globe over this time. So, when you read my energy forecasts, you can be assured that you’re coming to a genuine channel for cosmic energy. One of the hallmarks of my daily energy forecasts is that they’re easy to read and apply in your own life. Everyone can understand them. You don’t need to have a background in astrology or the new age to know what I’m talking about. And this skill, of simplifying in words, what can often be a complex topic to speak about (cosmic energy shifts and spirituality) is something that I strive for and am known and respected for - globally.

A pioneer in the field of energy forecasting
When I began writing energy forecasts, there were very few people doing so professionally and even fewer, consistently to a high-level each week. I have been a pioneer in my field for over 16 years and am proud of the legacy created with The Tip-Off There are now thousands of people all over the globe, who each week eagerly consume its accurate forward predictions of energy shifts, interpretations of current energy, daily encouragement, evolutionary assurance and soul growth lessons.

In the world today, we now have dozens of people offering their own versions of energy forecasts on blogs, YouTube and through social media. It’s wonderful to see how energy forecasts and shifts are now accepted, something that I trust I’ve helped to bring through in a professional way to the globe. A great deal of these new forecasters take direct inspiration from my work, although there’s only one Tip-Off

You can trust in my original, direct source
You can be assured that when you read my energy forecasts that they are not filtered down or rehashed versions of someone else’s interpretations. When I write The Tip-Off each week, it’s an original and comes direct from source - from me. I look within as I write and then connect with the cosmos for my inspiration to bring though to you. This is why it resonates so deeply with souls everywhere and why The Tip-Off has been accepted, as the globe’s favourite energy forecast since 2003.

I’m always focused upon bringing cosmic knowledge mainstream and to the ‘every person’. Which is why I write one energy forecast for one globe. There are people from all walks of life, professions, backgrounds, beliefs, ages and nations who read and trust in my daily life guide - The Tip-Off

I make no divide between southern and northern hemispheres in my work. I’m not an astrologer and have never studied astrology. I use my own soul-driven, natural intuition to interpret how each coming day will unfold, for people everywhere, no matter who they are or where they live. So you read each day, as your very own.

In closing, perhaps this recent touching and heartfelt testimonial from a new Tip-Off Subscriber, says it all…

”I am a fairly new subscriber -- I just started at the end of December, but I've been soaking in the daily forecast, plus the first half of the retreat videos, and all the bonuses on the site. I had a meeting on Tuesday at my daughter's school -- one I'd been dreading for over a month, with 7 administrators and myself! I was afraid of an ambush and had been fighting off irrational fears for weeks. On Monday night and Tuesday morning, I listened to the tip offs and used the breathing meditation to try and calm myself.  I was imagining how I would go into the meeting and how I should act. I was thinking of trying to put on the airs I imagined they'd want to see. And all of a sudden, in my head, I heard Elizabeth's voice telling me: "Beloved, BE your beautiful self." It was a major relief and a test of my willingness to open up and be vulnerable.  

Long story short (er), I was determined to calmly be myself, I even showed some emotional vulnerability, and not only did the meeting go very well, but my openness allowed it to go even one step better to relieving my concerns, and being even more informative -- and as I expressed my emotions, I was reassured in exactly the ways I needed to be, which never would have been addressed if I had not spoken up. This is the real stuff -- where the rubber hits the road, as they say. It's putting a beautiful practice into motion to improve lives. So, I wanted to thank you, Elizabeth, for listening to yourself and being true to yourself to bring together everything that you have in order to perform this loving service which you provide.  

I am a naturally suspicious and skeptical person. It's not necessarily bad -- it's a scientific turn of mind which is of value. But I am so delighted I took what was a risk to me by subscribing. It has already been a godsend. I could go on, but I feel like I am gushing now, so I'll close this by saying I deeply appreciate this service and I deeply appreciate Elizabeth.” Michelle

You can read hundreds of testimonials about my work

Thank you one and all for supporting my work. I love you and I love your soul’s most graceful evolution.

Elizabeth x

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