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Dear Cosmic Community,
What if I told you that ‘Empaths’ are rising in self-knowing and strength and that they are becoming the new world leaders? How does that make you feel? Perhaps you’re an Empath and are unsure of how to lead with your natural skills? That’s what this blog post is all about. It’s my dedication to natural Empaths everywhere. I get you, because I am you.

This blog post was created as the result of my Facebook post that generated an intense buzz within our online community For indeed a HUGE percentage of those on their awakened spiritual path are natural Empaths who desire clarity and support in applying their skills in real world situations.

And so, that’s what this blog post is about. Below, I’ve created a checklist to help you affirm if you really are a natural Empath. You can identify the skills, rewards and challenges of being an Empath and also what you can do to be empowered and LEADING humanity (as an Empath) in 2019 and beyond…


If you answer mostly YES to the below statements, then ‘congratulations’ you’re an Empath


  • You easily feel others emotional states, especially pain, as your soul recognises the unity of life. You desire harmony and love on Earth and so will draw to you those who are at the opposite vibration to these states

  • You have the innate ability to put yourself in others shoes, meaning that you can literally transfer your energy into anothers body and experience what their life is like

  • You can tend to cut people out of your life without warning. This can happen as a coping mechanism when you’ve carried their pain for way too long

  • You’ll find that complete strangers trust you ‘instantly’ and will open up and tell you their life story

  • You can clearly have visions and receive messages for others

  • You may manifest the exact physical, emotional and mental symptoms of someone close, as a way of aligning with them. They can also project onto you

  • You can align with someone so much, that you lose all idea of who you are in the process

  • You may have been called a ‘know-it-all’ throughout your life. Because you DO know - all

  • You may have been a vegetarian or vegan since birth, for many years or are becoming one

  • You may gain weight easily at times of stress, as a form of a barrier between you and others

  • You may easily be addicted to substances that give you a high and a release like caffeine, sugar, drugs, alcohol etc.

  • You may feel hugely saddened by world events and the harm caused to the innocents, like the animals, children, nature etc.

  • You may feel disconnected from your birth family and like you never really belonged with them in the first place

  • You may often feel lonely, yet being on your own is good for your health


  • You can find it difficult to determine feelings, particularly what your feelings are and what the feelings are of those you’re tuning into or those who are tuning into you

  • You often find it hard to create distance with those close because you always want to help. Yet daily distance from others can help you to re-set, be in your own flow and actually help yourself and others more this way

  • You’ll often have people lash out at you or attack because you know who they are, maybe better than they do. Others may tell you that you’re crazy and making up stories about them and they may try to put you down. Know that you’re just fine and can see what they cannot

  • You’ll be the recipient of others projections, both negative or positive. You’re like a mirror. When others see you, they see themselves within you - which is true, because you align with them and take on their energy. You’re a natural reflection of others

  • You often think about others or they come to you in your dreams. Did you know that this can be because they’re thinking about you and could want something from you that they don’t feel they have themselves?

  • You’re a natural filter for energy and in particular for negative energy

  • You can easily have weight fluctuations in alignment with cosmic energy and also as a form of protection of your precious energy

  • You’ll find it difficult to put boundaries in place and also to say, ‘No’. You may also take on many roles yourself and therefore, be someone who cannot (or will not) accept help


  • Being an Empath can be like having a super power on Earth. It’s the most spiritually aligned power that we have

  • Being an Empath brings great advantages in life, as you feel an innate connection with source, nature and the divine, that others do not. You know that you’re a part of everything and this brings you great comfort and peace and rarely, any fear of death

  • You also know what others are thinking and feeling, meaning that you know truth, even when others deny it. You can of course use this, to great advantage in your life

  • You feel great personal satisfaction, that you’re helping humanity

  • You can go in deep easily, it’s like breathing to you

  • You can help yourself know what your own feelings are by spending time on your own each day - notice if you feel better when you do this. You need to know yourself well

  • You can keep much of what you know to yourself, rather than sharing everything and feeling depleted and unappreciated in the process

  • You can become aware that others will project onto you. This is because you trigger their faults and also their aspirations. You’ll get a sense of when someone is projecting onto you, because they can become angry at you or faun all over you for no real reason. When this happens, remind yourself of who you are and what you are. Don’t take ownership of others projections. Know yourself and keep clear, by spending enough time on your own each day to re-group and get a good sense of how you feel and who you are

  • You can recognise when someone else is pushing their energy into your space. You may start to feel flat or unwell for no reason, although you’ll be thinking about someone, as this happens. Notice who contacts you and step back for a while, so you can re-group

  • You may be a public figure in this age of social media and attract much admiration, as well as jealousies from others. Sometimes you may not know where your feelings of ill will are coming from. So, it’s important that you know yourself well and the current cosmic energy to understand if you’re absorbing someone else’s projections - or if it’s a planetary influence

  • You can learn discernment and in fact, you must. This is the realisation of what to share and when and what to take on and align or not align yourself with

  • You can set natural boundaries in place by becoming the observer of others, rather than syncing up deeply with them. Watch how far you allow your energy to reach out in empathy of another. Reach out and pick up messages, then pull straight back in. Allow others to be responsible for their lessons and healing. You can’t do it for them. Especially with family

  • You must take good physical, emotional, mental and spiritual care of yourself each day. Make time to be on your own, doing what you love. This might be for an hour or more. It doesn’t have to take up the whole day, but some alone time is essential. Likewise, be careful of not cutting yourself off completely from society. You are here for a reason, to lead the spiritual way ahead. We need you and you need to be of service too

  • You can practice meditation to keep in your own divine flow, re-fueled and strong

  • You will find it essential to stay physically fit with stretching (Yoga/Pilates etc.) and walking or swimming, all being wonderful ways to stay clean and clear. Be barefoot on grass as well and out in nature, as much as possible. Nature is you and reminds you of who you truly are

  • You need a healthy, balanced diet, full of high-vibration foods and liquids. Give it to yourself

  • You can follow and use my energy forecasts each day to work with the cosmic cycles and keep yourself in the best shape (on all levels). Being aware of upcoming energy and planetary influences and events is an essential for all Empaths

I trust that this checklist helps you. It certainly helped me writing it. I found myself nodding along with almost everything and feeling wonderful for the many solutions offered here.

Do let me know how you resonate with this checklist in the comments and PASS this onto your Empath friends, using with the social share buttons below.

Elizabeth x

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